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Each year Ohio Valley College of Technology offers deserving applicants the opportunity to finance a portion of their college investment through scholarship programs.

Not only do scholarships help families fund college tuition, but generally employers favorably view students who have competed and have been awarded scholarships towards their education.

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“I had a wonderful experience here. The teachers that I had were wonderful. One even stayed after to help me and I appreciated her patience with me.” – Darlene Schafer, OVCT Graduate

Nursing Institutional Grants

  • Nurses Touch Lives Grant
    This grant is awarded to nursing students demonstrating the potential to excel in a nursing career.
  • Alumni Grant for Nursing Education
    This grant is awarded to graduates of OVCT’s allied health programs desiring to pursue nursing careers.

High School Scholarships and Grants

  • Promise Grant
    High school graduates are automatically eligible and the grant equals $1,000 per semester.
  • Imagine America Scholarship
    This scholarship is awarded to high school seniors who have been recommended by their high school guidance counselors.
  • Ohio LEADS!
    This scholarship is awarded to Ohio high school seniors and recipients are selected by the Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools. Applications may be obtained through the College’s admissions office.
  • Lou Holtz Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame Scholarship Matching Award
    This scholarship is awarded to high school seniors through the Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame. The College matches the scholarship through a partnership with the Hall of Fame. Recipients are selected by the Hall of Fame.

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Scholarship Information

Scholarships are available for many of our programs and vary by location.