What You Need To Know About Financial Aid At OVCT

As you consider continuing your education by going to college, there are some important decisions you will need to make, and financial aid is one of them. Figuring out exactly how you will pay for your college degree is an essential step to enrolling in school.

At OVCT, we support our students through every step of the enrollment process, from the first time you contact us, to planning your financial aid, to getting you signed up for classes.

Financial Aid Process

We know that financial aid can be overwhelming and confusing. With so many different options, how do you know which one is right for you? That’s why we are here for you throughout the financial process.

“Financial aid can be complicated, with a lot of detail. It is completely fine if a student has no idea what types of financial aid they may qualify for. We walk each student through the process, from beginning to end,” said Parker Rhoads, Financial Aid Officer.

After a student completes their admissions interview, it’s time to meet with a financial aid officer. During this financial aid appointment, we walk each student through completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which has to be submitted to qualify for federal and state loans and grants.

Once the FAFSA is completed, we work with you to create a personalized financial aid plan, designed to meet your specific needs. This plan will detail exactly how you will pay for college, giving you the confidence to earn your college degree and start a fulfilling new career.

“We strive to get students graduated with as little debt as possible,” said Parker. “Many students have attended college before and it did not work out for them, so it’s very important for us to keep their debt low.”

After finalizing your personalized financial aid plan, you will confirm that the plan is good for you and then sign your financial aid documents.

At OVCT, our financial aid officer is always available on campus, so you can call or pop in to ask any questions you may have. As a smaller school, our students don’t have to go through 12 different people to speak with the person they need. If you have a question, call the school and ask to speak to someone in financial aid. Additionally, OVCT students have access to our loan assistance department, so you can ask any questions you have about your loans at any time.

Types of Financial Aid*

During your financial aid appointment, as you review your personalized financial aid plan, you will learn about all the different types of financial aid that are available to those who qualify.

  • Federal Pell Grants: The federal government offers grant money to help fund your education that you will not have to repay.
  • State Grants: To help students pay for their education, some states also offer grant money that students do not have to pay back.
  • Scholarships**: Students can take advantage of institutional grants from OVCT and external scholarships from other sources to help pay for your degree. Students are encouraged to apply to scholarships that they may qualify for.
  • Student Loans: The federal government or third-party providers allow students to take out these loans to help pay for their education. While students do not have to make payments on loans while attending school, we encourage them to make some cash payments to reduce their total debt.
  • PLUS Loans: Parents can take out these loans to help pay for their college education, as long as they qualify for the loans.
  • GI Bill®: Veterans can use their tuition benefits to help fund their education.
  • Employer Tuition Reimbursement: Some companies offer employee tuition reimbursement that students can use to help pay for their education.
  • Cash Payments: Students can make cash payments toward their education to not borrow as much in student loans.
  • 529 Plan: Parents can set up this separate savings account for their children for educational purposes.

While in your financial aid appointment with OVCT’s financial aid officer, we will help you establish which categories of financial aid you qualify for that can help you pay for your degree.

Completing the FAFSA

To qualify for financial aid, it is essential that you fill out the FAFSA. The federal government uses the information you provide in this application to determine what different types and how much financial aid you may qualify for to fund your education. Because these important decisions are made based on the information you provide, it’s critical that everything is up to date and accurate. You will receive an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) number after submitting your FAFSA, which the federal government looks at as you’re applying for financial aid.

At OVCT, we help students complete the FAFSA or update an existing FAFSA that may be inaccurate or incomplete. You must complete your FAFSA every year that you plan to attend college.

“We are here to help students every step of the way,” said Parker. For those who are considering college, Parker says that “it’s best to submit your FAFSA as soon as possible. Contact our financial aid department, and we will walk you through every step of the process.”

Join Us At OVCT

At OVCT, we offer career-focused college degrees so you can get trained quickly and start your new career faster. “We provide a superior educational experience for our students with personal, face-to-face interaction,” said Parker.

We’re here to help you every step of the way as you gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to excel in your exciting new career. Explore our college degree programs and request information now to get started!

*For those who qualify. **For those who qualify. See catalog for detailed eligibility requirements.

Sierra Frettinger – Graduate Highlight

Prior to attending Ohio Valley College of Technology, Sierra Frettinger attended Ivy Tech Community College. Much like Ohio Valley College of Technology, Ivy Tech offered small class sizes, but something was missing for Sierra. With OVCT, Sierra knew that the advisors and other faculty had her best interest at heart right from the very beginning.

The decision to attend OVCT came because Sierra was ready to go back to school. She knew that she wanted to work in the medical field doing clinical work, but without all the responsibilities of being a registered nurse. Sierra decided to look for a school that offered medical assisting. While searching Google, she stumbled upon Ohio Valley College of Technology and decided to make the call. She spoke to Donna in admissions, and that was all that she needed.  “Donna roped me in. She is the wingman of OVCT.”

Her favorite part of the experience at OVCT was the small class sizes. She reflected on the fond memories that she had made at OVCT. “OVCT provided a family and safe atmosphere, as well as the outstanding staff who really do care.” When asked who she would consider to be her favorite teacher, Sierra stated, “I literally cannot choose a favorite teacher.” She was more than happy to talk about which classes she would consider her favorite, though. “My favorite classes would have to be my three clinical classes, as well as medical terminology. I feel that we learned so much and finally got to learn the cool stuff!”

As a recent graduate of OVCT’s Medical Assisting program, Sierra passed her national certification exam and became a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. Her main focus now is to start her career as a medical assistant, and Sierra already received and accepted a job offer.  She said, “I wanted to work in a small doctor’s office with great staff, and that is what I get to do!” Sierra hopes to continue to grow and learn in her field as a medical assistant.

When asked if she would refer a friend to Ohio Valley College of Technology, Sierra says, “Without a doubt!  OVCT is not just a college. It’s a college where you will thrive and succeed.”

To learn more about OVCT’s small classes and family-like atmosphere, request information here!

Happy Holidays Message

As we approach the end of another successful year here at Ohio Valley College of Technology, we would like to thank you for being a part of the OVCT family and wish you all the happiness for the upcoming year.

With another crazy but successful year coming to a close, let’s take a moment to reflect on all that we have achieved together in 2020.

This year has been different from past years due to COVID-19, and we have faced many challenges. It has brought uncertainties and transitions, yet we have remained committed to our purpose; “To empower change by creating opportunity.” Students and instructors have had to adapt differently, spending almost half of the year remote. Through it all, OVCT has maintained that same family structure that it always has, making a difference in countless student’s lives. Without the understanding and compassion of both staff and students, this would never have been possible, and for that, we want to thank you.

This holiday season may look a little different for most, but remember that in this time of uncertainty, it is good to know that some things will never change. We here at OVCT hope that it is that love of family that you feel when you walk through our doors or log into that remote class. We hope that each of you has a great holiday season and return in 2021 with renewed joy, hope, and love.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season to you, your family, and your friends.

Christmas Giving: How To Give Back During the Holidays

The holiday season has arrived, and it brings with it Christmas music, great food, and tasty desserts. For many people, this is the most wonderful time of the year, but this season can be very challenging for others who are not as fortunate.

This means that we have an opportunity to give back and help others during the holiday season. This week, we’re sharing some awesome ways to do this!

Volunteer Your Time

One great way to give back to those in need is by volunteering your time. Due to the pandemic, this year has been hard on a lot of people, so there is no better time than now to begin volunteering. Serving food or cooking at a local food pantry can really help people who are facing hard times or suffering from food insecurity.

Volunteering to make holiday care packages for families in need is another awesome way to help people around Christmas time. Check with local nonprofits and churches if you want to do this, as they often make and send out holiday care packages.

Many nursing home residents have been unable to have visitors or see family for much of this year, so they may be feeling extra lonely during the holidays. Remotely visiting nursing home residents via video calls could really help lift their spirits. You could even sing Christmas carols to share some extra joy. Reach out to your local nursing homes to find out if they offer video visits with residents.

Contribute Food

Donating food during the holiday season is a great way to help people who are experiencing food insecurity. Local food banks, shelters, and churches often hold food drives around the holidays to distribute food to those in need. The best items to donate are nonperishable foods like canned fruit and vegetables, canned soups, and pasta. You can also contact local organizations in your area to see what specific food items they need.

Schools, employers, and other companies often hold food drives to help provide holiday meals to people in need. Donating nonperishable food items can have a direct, positive impact on your local community by supporting people when they need it most.

Give Toys

Spread the holiday spirit by donating toys to children that may not be receiving any gifts for Christmas. Putting a smile on a child’s face by giving them a toy is a heartwarming way to give back during the holidays. There are many great places to donate toys, including children’s shelters, children’s hospitals, and homeless shelters. To find out if these organizations have children that aren’t going to receive Christmas presents, give them a call. Be sure to ask about the child’s age, so you can get them an awesome gift they will love!

Many local organizations also do toy drives during the holiday season, and there are also national nonprofits that collect toys to donate to children.

Donate Money

Another great way to give back during the holiday season is to donate money to organizations or nonprofits with a mission of helping others. Charities that are local to your area or national nonprofits that help others across the country are both great options to donate to. Many larger nonprofits allow you to donate on their website. For smaller organizations that may not have a website donation option, call them and ask about the best way to give. Check out these organizations that you could donate to for the holidays:

Items other than money, like clothing and blankets, can also be donated to help those less fortunate.

Be There For Others

Now is the perfect time to show the true meaning of Christmas by spreading joy and love to the people around you. Many people will be alone and away from their families this year because of the pandemic, so you can have a positive impact just by being there for other people during the holidays. Call someone who is alone this holiday season to tell them you care.

Giving back brings joy to the person receiving and brings joy to you, the person giving. Ohio Valley College of Technology would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, have a great holiday season!

Meet The Campus President – Courtney Martin

Meet Courtney Martin, Campus President at Ohio Valley College of Technology!

In her role as Campus President, Courtney strives to help each and every student achieve their career goals. “Every student and every person not only has the capacity to learn, but also the capacity to find a fulfilling career. We meet students where they are and help them form a unique action plan to help them achieve their career goals,” said Courtney.

Courtney believes there is a strong need for OVCT in the tri-state area to provide career-focused college degrees that prepare students to succeed in their careers.

“In the tri-state area, here in Appalachia, there is this social-moral obligation to work. People take pride in hard work and a job well done to support their family,” said Courtney. In addition to hard-working people, there is a serious need in the community for qualified employees. “At OVCT, we are able to service both of these needs in the community, including employers who need qualified professionals and people who want to fulfill their moral obligation to work.”

Courtney has some insight into the student experience here for those who are thinking about attending OVCT to earn their degree and prepare for an exciting new career. “Yes, we have fast-track programs, only have class Monday through Thursday, and students can earn their degree along with certifications, but what really makes OVCT unique is that we are one big family. We truly care about each other, and we help students in academics while they are here and after they graduate as they transition into their careers.”

Ever since she was a little kid, Courtney has always wanted to be a teacher. “I have two sisters, and I used to force them to play school, and I would be the teacher,” said Courtney. She has also coached cheerleading and soccer. “I have a strong passion for learning, and I’m always trying to learn new things,” said Courtney.

In her own college experience, Courtney attended Geneva College and earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and history. After graduating, she earned her professional teaching license and worked in the Freedom Area School District at the middle and high school levels. Her teaching job was eventually furloughed, and she began working at Signet as a multi-store sales manager, a large jewelry company that owns several major brands. Courtney excelled in this role, leading her store to be one of the country’s top three.

In 2015, Courtney started at OVCT in career services and has been here ever since, working hard to help students get into fulfilling and meaningful careers they will love. She earned her Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration in 2019, and this is what helped her decide she wanted the position of Campus President. While completing her master’s degree, she was required to fulfill 300 internship hours. She did this at OVCT with former Campus President, Scott Rogers and George Mikluscak, Vice President of Academic Compliance and Support.

“It was very fascinating learning about the operations of the school. Through the internship, I learned that the Campus President role is not only to manage but also to maintain accountability for our students and their success. So, when I was offered the position, it was a no-brainer to accept,” said Courtney.

Courtney says that becoming the Campus President at OVCT is her accomplishment that she is most proud of. “I’ll never forget when I first graduated from college, and it was right after the stock market crash of 2008. Teaching jobs were abundant before that, but there were more than 500 people applying for each job after. I remember crying at my parents table because I never thought I would get into my career. Now, looking back to see that I’ve made it is great. My parents have always been my biggest supporters, so making them proud is amazing,” said Courtney. “I feel like I’m able to be a role model for my twin nieces about what hard work and dedication will help you achieve.”

When asked what motivates her to give it her all every day, Courtney shares a personal struggle that has inspired her since she was a child. “I actually lost both of my original kidneys to stage four kidney cancer as a child. I wasn’t supposed to survive, but I did. I even went to Disney as a Make a Wish kid. My dad donated a kidney. I’ve always had this drive to make the best of life and live life to the fullest potential,” said Courtney.

Courtney loves her new role as OVCT’s Campus President. “When I was in career services, I was helping students from one end of the spectrum. As Campus President, I have the opportunity to assist with all levels of support that students will receive in college and beyond. I get to help in all departments and all areas that we support our students,” said Courtney.

Courtney received some great advice from her parents when she was growing up. Her parents always emphasized that words are meaningless if not supported by action; this means you could say you’re going to do something, but they are meaningless if not supported with hard work and dedication. Today, Courtney still lives by this advice, working hard to help her students achieve their career goals.

Outside of work, Courtney loves spending time with her family and her 4-year-old nieces, Natalie and Brianna. She enjoys anything outdoorsy, including hiking, backpacking, and camping. Courtney also is very involved in community theater. “I do a lot of shows in the community theater, and I recently played Mary Poppins,” said Courtney.

Courtney said her favorite food is chicken, and she could eat it any and every way. “My all-time favorite is barbecue chicken on the grill with corn on the cob,” she said. If Courtney could have one superpower, it would be flying, so she could travel and see the world.

Are you looking for a college that truly cares about you? Do you want to start your path to a new, exciting career? Explore our career-focused college degree programs and request information now to get started!

Brooke Mitchell – Student Highlight

Medical Office Administration student Brooke Mitchell is known around campus for her sweet demeanor and exceptional work ethic. She enrolled straight from high school in June of 2019 where she completed 9 online college credit plus classes through EGCC. Before enrolling with OVCT, she had initially enrolled at the University of Akron for Exercise Science, but said that “something kept telling me Akron just wasn’t the place for me.” After discussing with her friends and family, Brooke started looking around at other college options. That’s when her friend, Kayla Habbit, another OVCT student, told her about the school’s fast-track and family oriented programs and how she thought it would be a great fit for her.

Soon after she made an appointment with the admissions advisor, Donna, Brooke enrolled in the Medical Office Administration program. “I chose my program because I knew I wanted to go into the medical field. I knew nursing or an EMT wouldn’t be the right fit for me, but I still wanted to be involved somehow.” After getting immersed into her classes she quickly realized that she wanted to continue learning and expand her professional knowledge and skills base. Eventually she decided to continue her education and enroll in the Business Administration program. She is currently finishing her Medical Office Administration degree program and transitioning into her business courses.

“I was so worried about going to college because I am not a very outgoing person, but attending OVCT has helped me become one.” At OVCT Brooke has met so many new and wonderful people, students, and instructors. “The students come from all walks of life, not just straight out of high school, and the instructors are always ready to help or lend a hand, in some way.” When she was asked if she had a favorite instructor she said, “I couldn’t just pick one teacher to be my favorite. Every teacher I have come in contact with had their own way of impacting me.”

Although Brooke is continuing as a business administration student, she will still be a medical office administrator and plans to use her MOA degree and work while she continues her training. She hopes to  find a job somewhere that she can work in the evenings and still attend college so she can earn her business degree. “Once I graduate next August with my business degree I will hopefully find a daytime job where I can utilize both of my degrees that have earned.” When asked where she saw herself in five years, she said, she was hoping to marry her best friend in the entire world and get a few more pets. Eventually she would like to open and own a  business. Although she is not quite sure what that might be yet, she is considering opening an event barn or a store in her hometown.

When asked if she would refer OVCT to anyone, she had this to say, “I refer everyone to OVCT that I know. I have had a couple of people talk to me about wanting to do something else with their life and if it’s a program at OVCT I tell them to look into it. At OVCT they don’t just care about you passing the classes or helping you to meet new people, they care about your future.”

To learn more about OVCT, request information here!


Tawnya Sutter – Graduate Highlight

On September 18, 2020, Medical Assisting graduate, Tawnya Sutter, walked across the stage to accept her Occupational Associate of Applied Business in Medical Assisting Degree from Ohio Valley College of Technology. In early October, she accepted her dream job as a medical assistant with Heritage Valley Health System in Beaver, PA. “I am thrilled and excited to start this new chapter in my life. I am not worried because I know that I am ready with the great education that I received from OVCT.” With her training and skills, Tawnya looks forward to “continuing to grow and learn in my new role as a medical assistant and making a positive impact in my patients’ lives.”

Prior to starting her college career with OVCT, Ms. Sutter was a stay-at-home mother working as a PRN STNA. She was patiently waiting for her fiancé to finish school so that it could be her turn. Eventually, that time came and she started by attending the Community College of Beaver County. “My experience was definitely not good. It was a large campus with big classes. It was very intimidating and the professors did not care about students’ academics at all. There you either pass or you fail. I remember I was young, pregnant, and scared and knew that that particular program was not for me…” Tawnya knew she needed something different.

One of Tawnya’s close friends, Catherine Witt, was a medical assisting student at OVCT and had many great things to say about the school, faculty, and staff. “She told me about the school and how small the classes were and how great the teachers are. What sold me, however, was when I watched Mrs. Kristen Scott stop and have a conversation with Catherine. I could not believe that an instructor actually took the time outside of class to stop and have a discussion with one of her students. I was sold!” After speaking with Admissions Advisor, Donna, Tawnya chose the Associate Degree in Medical Assisting program because she recognized that “…it truly was the fastest way for me to get into the workforce without having to complete two years of school to earn an associate degree in the medical field. Also, I know it may sound cliché, but I truly do love to help people and try to make them feel better.” Medical assisting was the obvious choice for her to pursue her career goals and passion.

“While at OVCT, I enjoyed the feeling of belonging. It is truly a family atmosphere. I loved that it is a family at OVCT and the instructors truly care about your success. Although college did require me to put in the work, I have never attended a school that I had every single teacher’s phone number and that they were only a phone call or text away if I had any questions. I can honestly say that every single instructor has impacted me academically and personally. I will start with Mr. Clutter. I enjoyed his English Composition class most. He challenged me on a personal level. I will never forget a writing assignment where I wrote about why black history needs to be taught in schools year round. I am grateful for his support and encouragement throughout. I loved Mrs. Hedrick’s Medical Terminology classes, especially the review games! It was always a fun time and she challenged us and helped us become better studiers. I am so grateful for Ms. Poynter and her Medical Law and Ethics class. I especially loved the mock trial we did. My job as a defense attorney was tough but a great learning experience. I also learned a great deal in Mr. Ream’s classes. Thanks to him, I can finally run PowerPoint and Word with ease. I am very grateful for Mrs. Martin and her meticulousness in helping us draft flawless resumes in Career Prep and her tireless commitment to her students and their future careers. I learned a great deal in Career Prep that helped me job search and interview. I am also grateful for her dedication to the community. Participating in the Stockings For Soldiers fundraising event is one of my most cherished memories at OVCT. Mrs. Scott, words cannot express what a saint she is. I am thankful for her dedication to her job and students. I loved her cute little quizzes, even if they are tough! I am thankful for everyone pushing me to do my best. Donna was amazing as well as the rest of the faculty and staff. Everyone at OVCT has a smile to offer and truly cares about their students.”

When asked if she would refer OVCT to a friend, Mrs. Sutter states, “Yes! The staff cares about you and you receive a quality education that prepares you well for your chosen career. Good luck to all the current and future students. You’ve got this!” Now that she is a graduate, Tawnya leaves a legacy on campus and within the hearts of many of the OVCT family.

Want to learn more about how you can become a part of the OVCT family? Request information here!

Thankful for Our Students in 2020

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, our goal is to help every student that walks through our doors achieve their career goals. From the minute you first contact us, to the day your graduate, and beyond, we provide you with continuous support, working hard to help you begin a successful new career.

Our college degree programs are designed to prepare you with the education, experience, skills, and certifications you need to excel in the workforce. We offer career-focused college degrees in Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, and Business Administration that get you on the fast track to a new career.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re sharing with you what we’re most thankful for at OVCT: our students!

Check out some of our favorite student moments from this past year!

Hands-On Training

As students complete their college degree program, they experience hands-on training to practice the skills they will perform while on the job. Check out our OVCT students practicing real-world skills in their college classes!

Professional Certifications

Congratulations to all OVCT students who passed their certification exams and are now certified professionals, ready to succeed in their new careers! Check out some of these awesome students featured in our short video!

Student Experience

We love giving our students a positive and supportive learning environment, so you can have fun while training for a new career! Check out some of these amazing moments our students have had while at OVCT in our short video!

Join Us Today

Are you ready to begin an exciting new career in healthcare or business? With a supportive environment, small classes, hands-on training, and fast-track programs, Ohio Valley College of Technology may be the perfect choice for you! Request information now to get started!

Our Proven Process for Success

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, we have many years of experience educating, training, and preparing students for new careers. We take pride in empowering each and every student to reach their full potential and achieve their career goals.

Over time, we’ve developed a proven process that enables us to help each student move along their unique journey to a new career. This proven process for success guides students through six steps: Plan, Equip, Learn, Enhance, Apply, and Succeed.

Keep reading to find out exactly what each step entails and request information today to get started on your path to an exciting new career!

Step 1: Plan

We know that everyone is different. We all have our own unique situations, needs, and goals. At OVCT, we believe in treating each student as an individual and working with you to design an educational plan that works for you.

After you request information, you will meet with one of our helpful and friendly admissions advisors. They will work with you to plan your path to achieving your career and financial goals. You can ask any questions you may have and find out everything you need to know about being a student at OVCT. During this meeting, you will also have the opportunity to tour the campus, check out the classrooms and labs, and meet your future instructors.

Step 2: Equip

After meeting with your personal admissions advisor, our helpful enrollment team work to equip you with exactly what you need to start your college classes. We work with you to create a financial plan that enables you to achieve your career goals.

You will meet with a financial aid advisor who will explain the financial aid process. You will learn about the different financial aid** programs that you may qualify for, such as grants or loans.

We will help you complete the enrollment process by getting registered for your college classes and planning for any additional support you may need, like transportation or childcare.

Step 3: Learn

Now you’re officially enrolled and it’s time to begin your college classes! You will receive valuable career training, learning hands-on skills, and practicing them in the classroom and in our interactive labs.

The hands-on training you will receive is built into each career-focused degree program offered here at OVCT. For example, students in our Medical Assisting program will learn valuable skills including taking vital signs, performing lab tests, drawing blood, and giving injections.

As you train for a new career, we provide a supportive and helpful environment for all students with our WE CARE approach to education. Student services like academic advising and tutoring are offered to help you succeed in your college classes.

Step 4: Enhance

While learning the valuable hands-on skills taught in our college degree programs, you will also enhance your marketability to potential employers by preparing for professional certification or licenses. These certifications and licenses will vary depending on your chosen career field, because employers require you to have different credentials for different jobs.

For example, students completing our Dental Assisting program prepare for the Nationally Registered Certified Dental Assistant* certification exam, while students enrolled in the Nursing program will train for the NCLEX- RN° exam as they complete their nursing courses.

Enhancing your skillset with valuable professional certifications gives you an advantage over candidates who are not certified when applying for jobs.

Step 5: Apply

In addition to learning in our classrooms and labs, you will also have the chance to apply your skills and knowledge in the real world by completing an externship or clinical experience. This gives you the opportunity to earn real-world experience that is valued by potentials employers. You will apply and practice the new skills you have learned, setting you up for on-the-job success after graduation.

As you apply your skills, you will also have the chance to build positive relationships with potential employers and those in your local community. This networking will be extremely valuable when you start applying for jobs.

For students enrolled in our Nursing program, you may experience clinical rotations at local healthcare facilities like Akron Children’s Hospital, East Liverpool City Hospital, and Trinity East Hospital.

Step 6: Succeed

After completing your classes, finishing your externship or clinical experience, and passing your certification exams, it’s time for graduation. You’re ready to start your new career!

At OVCT, we offer career services to students to help you jump-start your new career. Resume and cover letter development, professional interview training, and access to our employer networks are just a few of the career benefits you will receive.

Even after graduation, you will receive continuous career support with brush-up courses and career services to empower your success now and into the future.

If you’re looking for a school that has a proven process for success based on many years of experience training students for fulfilling, new careers, then OVCT may be the perfect place for you! Explore our career-focused college degree programs and request information now to get started today!

*Certification is contingent upon passing this industry certification exam. Required/Included in Tuition.

**For those who qualify. See catalog for detailed eligibility requirements.

°Passing the NCLEX – RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.

Antoinette Basinger – Staff Highlight

Ohio Valley College of Technology is thrilled to introduce our new Career Management Director, Antoinette Basinger. Ms. Basinger started in September of 2020 and has been hard at work ever since to provide quality career services and to support students and graduates. In her first month, Ms. Basinger has successfully arranged two big employer visits for the month of October which include Trinity Health System and Mercy Health.

Antoinette has an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts from Pittsburgh Culinary Institute-Le Cordon Bleu as well as a Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies with a concentration in Business and a minor in Insurance Studies.  Prior to working at OVCT, Ms. Basinger was a member of the United States Air Force Services. Here she mentored other soldiers through the ranking process and utilized her culinary training and experience. She also worked at Walt Disney World as a private chef for banquets at Epcot. Most recently she worked as the Scheduling Manager for Always Best Care in East Liverpool, OH.

Outside of OVCT, Antoinette enjoys spending time with her two children, Teagan, 9, and Gavin, 7. She enjoys hiking, being outdoors, going to various zoos, and golfing with her children. She also likes to help do catering on the side. Her children keep her motivated and inspired. She feels she can relate to students’ desire to provide a stable and happy life for their families. When asked what her greatest accomplishment is, Ms. Basinger states “I have achieved many accomplishments but I am most proud of the various duties and functions I was able to perform in the military. I was Airman of the quarter a few times as well as the government purchase cardholder. I got to spearhead the building of a multi-million dollar fitness center at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana.”

Ms. Basinger’s military experience had a direct impact on her decision to join OVCT. “In the military I helped mentor fellow soldiers. This is where I found I was truly passionate about helping others achieve their goals and discovered I could actually do it for a living. I enjoyed helping others find their passion, establish goals, and achieve their vision. I believe that when you identify your passion, your career plans will fall into place. This is what brought me to career services. In this role, I have the amazing opportunity to help students and graduates assess their values, interests, and abilities, to provide insight to career options and to help them develop job search skills.”

Although she has only been here a short while, Antoinette’s favorite part of her job is the people. “I love the people that I work with. They have treated me like family since the first day that I came here and are always willing to help me out if I need it.” She looks forward to continuing to foster and build relationships with coworkers, students, graduates, and employers.

OVCT is thrilled to have such a passionate and hardworking addition to the family. Ms. Basinger has made exceptional headway in her first month and we are so excited to see what she accomplishes personally, professionally, and for students and graduates in the months and years to come. Contact us today to learn how Ms. Basinger can assist you in your career journey!