A Chat with Bridget Roberts, OVCT Dental Assisting Student

Ohio Valley College of Technology Dental Assisting student Bridget Roberts had never attended college before because she never had the confidence in herself to go! She previously worked as a nurse’s aide for over fifteen years. Most recently, she was employed at East Liverpool City Hospital for three years before deciding to pursue career training at OVCT.

Ms. Roberts said she honestly loves helping people, but could never bring herself to keep going in the medical field. While she loved her job, she really wanted something that was nearly as fast-paced with a more regular work schedule. She said her decision to go to OVCT was based on the class sizes and where the campus is located. “Nothing is close to where I live,” she laughed.

Bridget loves the smaller class sizes at OVCT. She stated, “I feel like you really get to know the teachers and other students that you are attending school with. I have made so many friends being here at OVCT!”

When asked to pick her favorite instructor, she said “I absolutely love all my teachers!  It’s not fair to just pick one, but if I really have to then I would have to say (Dental Assisting Program Director) Mrs. Stine! She goes above and beyond to help her students out both professionally and personally. She is one of the many that have pushed me and told me that ‘she knows I know my stuff.’” Bridget continued, “Teachers like her make going back to school at my age so much easier. I am going to miss all of them when I graduate in two weeks.”

Bridget’s goal is to work in an office that treats you like family. Her ideal office is family-oriented and gets to know you as a person and not just as an employee. “I want to be at an office I love, working a job that I love, being a part of something that makes everyone smile,” she shared.

Bridget said she “would most definitely recommend a friend going to OVCT.” She explained that “the small class sizes and the closeness are the two things that are the best about this school. Everyone is treated as an equal no matter what. The teachers are the best and don’t just see you as a number in the school.  They actually get to know their students. OVCT has been a great experience and anyone that asks where they should go, I would tell them OVCT is a great choice!”

To learn more about Dental Assisting and other fast-track health care training programs offered at our East Liverpool, Ohio campus, visit ovct.edu.

The Benefits of Completing an LPN to RN Bridge Program

Are you an LPN who wants to take your nursing career to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place! There are many benefits to advancing your nursing career by completing an LPN to RN bridge program, such as further developing your nursing skills, expanding your job opportunities, and achieving your career goals.

Read on as we share the details to these great benefits and exactly how you can get started with an LPN to RN bridge program today!

Develop Your Nursing Skills

Enrolling in an RN bridge program allows you to further develop your nursing skills while preparing to sit for the NCLEX-RN* exam, which is required to become a registered nurse. Passing this exam is essential to becoming a successful nurse because it shows that you’re ready to perform nursing duties while on the job.

Since you are already an LPN who has previous education and experience in the nursing field, completing an LPN to RN bridge program is a great choice for you because it allows you to start your career as a registered nurse much faster. These programs are shorter in length because you receive recognition and credit for your previous education and work experience.

When you complete LPN to RN bridge courses, you learn the most up-to-date knowledge, techniques, and skills valued by today’s healthcare employers. By further developing your nursing skills, you can become an essential and important asset to the healthcare team. Some of the critical areas you will learn are nursing values, the nursing process, and nursing roles.

Expand Your Career Opportunities

With the aging population and increasing access to healthcare, nursing jobs are projected to increase well into the future. Furthering your nursing education with an Associate Degree of Nursing program provides you with an increased number of career opportunities because of the higher-level training you receive in the program.

Many types of healthcare facilities hire registered nurses including hospitals, physician’s offices, long-term care facilities, home healthcare services, urgent care centers, clinics, schools, and more. By completing an LPN to RN degree, you can qualify for nursing positions at these essential facilities.

Registered nurses have the opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare specialties, such as pediatrics, family medicine, oncology, home health, geriatric care, emergency, labor and delivery, surgery, rehabilitation, substance abuse, and many more.

Achieve Your Nursing Career Goals

Completing an LPN to RN bridge program enables you to achieve your nursing career goals. Registered nurses enjoy a higher earnings potential, as the average salary for RNs is higher than for LPNs. Those who complete LPN to RN classes have increased long-term job security because of the growing need for registered nurses in the healthcare field.

Additionally, registered nurses also have more opportunities for advancement and leadership positions in their careers. RNs can manage other healthcare employees, have a greater authority to make decisions that directly impact patient health, and have the opportunity to continue their education in the future with a BSN or MSN program.

Explore OVCT’s LPN to RN Bridge Program

With all the great benefits of completing an LPN to RN Bridge program, what are you waiting for? At OVCT, we offer LPNs the opportunity to achieve your dream of becoming a registered nurse. Our LPN to RN Bridge associate degree program is completed in only 16 months, allowing you to get on the fast track to your nursing career.

In our direct admission program, you immediately start taking essential nursing classes, developing critical skills in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings. Some of the essential areas students are trained in include women’s health issues, health promotions and maintenance, and the nursing process.

With convenient evening classes and weekend clinical rotations, you can continue working as an LPN while attending OVCT’s LPN to RN Bridge program. We offer exciting opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in real healthcare situations with potential clinical sites including Akron Children’s Hospital, East Liverpool City Hospital, Trinity East Hospital, and more.

Learn more about our accredited, direct admission, fast track LPN to RN Bridge program today and start your journey to becoming a registered nurse. Request information now to get started!

*Passing the NCLEX – RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.

How to Create SMART Career Goals

Each of us have dreams and goals that we want to accomplish in our careers and in life. Maybe you dream of being the first person in your family to graduate from college or maybe you want to start a more rewarding, fulfilling career.

Creating SMART career goals can help you achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself. To make your goals more effective, they should follow a few guidelines: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Using these five criteria when creating your career goals will increase your chances of success. So, how exactly do you create goals that are SMART? Read on as we reveal exactly how to do it!


To start, you need to ensure that your career goals are specific. The reason for this is that when you have a specific goal, you know exactly what to do to achieve it. Here is an example of a specific career goal: I want to graduate from a Dental Assisting program in Columbiana County within 18 months to start a new career.

You now know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals after answering these questions.


For your career goals to be SMART, they have to be measurable, as this allows you to track the progress you make toward your goals along the way. When measuring your progress with each step you take, you will know if you’re on track to meet your goals or if you need to change something in order to reach them.

Dividing your goal into smaller pieces is the easiest way to do this. So, for our Dental Assisting program goal example, each class you take to complete the program can be considered a milestone toward your goal. You will be one step closer to your goal every time you complete a class.


Next, you need to ensure your SMART career goals are attainable. This step is very important, because when you create goals that aren’t actually attainable, it can be hard to keep yourself motivated and working toward them. For example, taking a trip to Mars next month seems like an awesome goal, but because the technology to do this doesn’t yet exist, it’s not actually attainable. Setting your goals so high that they can’t be accomplished can be counterproductive, because they can de-motivate you.

Using our Dental Assisting program goal as an example, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you can achieve your goal, such as whether you have the time to commit to the program, the support system required to succeed, any prerequisites that are needed, and the resources to pay for it.


The fourth thing your SMART career goals need to be is relevant. To ensure your goals are relevant to you, ask yourself these questions: Do I really want to meet this goal? Do I care enough to do the work to achieve the goal? Does it align with my other goals? Does this goal help me get closer to my long-term goals and dreams?

In the Dental Assisting program example, it’s a relevant goal because it helps get you closer to starting a new career. Therefore, when you achieve the goal, it takes you one step closer to have a rewarding and fulfilling career.


Ensuring your SMART career goals are timely is the last step. This means that as you create your goal, assign a time frame in which you will complete the goal. If your goal has no due date, you won’t have a sense of urgency pushing you to complete the goal.

In addition to your larger goal’s time frame, you should also create deadlines for the specific events along the way that you must complete to reach your goal. In our Dental Assisting program goal example, you can create a time frame for taking specific classes, completing an externship, and passing your certification exams.

Reach Your Goals with OVCT

You’ve created your own SMART career goals, so now you’re ready to reach your professional goals! Whether you want to work in healthcare or in a professional business environment, OVCT has the fast track programs to get you there!

Learn more about our Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Business Administration programs and request information to get started today!

Meet Jon Ream, OVCT Business Administration Program Director and Information Technology Coordinator

Jonathan Ream graduated from Ohio Valley College of Technology with dual associate degrees in Computer Technology and Computer Technology/Technical Emphasis, and then later earned his Bachelor of Science in Business/Information Technology Management from Western Governors University.

Before becoming a student and then an employee at OVCT, Mr. Ream worked at Mountaineer Casino for ten years. He started as a cashier and eventually worked his way up to Senior Vault Manager, overseeing all of the money coming into and going out of the casino.  He also worked for many years as a Direct Care worker for individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Mr. Ream states, “that was one of the most rewarding jobs that I ever had, second only to my career here at OVCT!”

Mr. Ream has been part of the OVCT team for eight years, and according to him, his current role is quite simple. “I help our students achieve their dreams of being a college graduate and starting their careers,” Jon said.

Mr. Ream provided a comprehensive response when asked why he chose to work at OVCT.  He says, “I was a student first and by the time I graduated I knew this is where I belonged. I love to help people, especially with computers! I remember when I was in fourth grade we had to write a report on what we wanted to do when we grew up. I had two things on my report. First was to be a teacher and the second was to be a father. I’m proud to say I have achieved both of these things. I’m one of the lucky ones who get up everyday and heads to their dream job.  The thing that I love the most about OVCT is that we are one big family! We all have one goal and that’s to help our students receive the best education and to see them start their careers!”

Jon has two favorite things about OVCT. First, is meeting new students at orientation. Second, is seeing them walk across the stage at graduation surrounded by family and friends to receive their degrees. “That is just such an incredible honor and I’m so thankful I get to be a small part of that moment,” he says. Mr. Ream’s favorite memories at OVCT are all the emails that he receives from students after they have graduated and are working in their career fields and they thank him for helping them during their time on campus. He says, “I had a student who was so excited because she was able to show her boss how to do something on the computer and her boss was impressed from what she learned while attending OVCT. I take great pride in that.”

Mr. Ream is most motivated by his family and colleagues. “I want to show my children what a hard work ethic and dedication to their craft can result in. I want them to be just as happy as I am when they get older,” he says. “I always push myself to be the best person that I can be. I try to always educate myself in something as I think it’s vital for our growth as people to continue to learn. I am also motivated by my work family. Everyone at OVCT works so hard and puts in a lot of hours for one common goal and that’s our students’ success.”

John is very proud of his family and earning his degrees. “A lot of hard work has been put into both of them. My children, Kobi and Gabi, and my wife Janet keep me grounded and remind me of how lucky I am in life. My degrees are proof that with hard work, anything is possible,” Jon says.

Outside of campus, Jon enjoys spending time with family, playing basketball with his son or playing NBA 2K20 on Xbox.  Jon says that his “inner nerd” came out this year as he and his friend Kevin began playing the Star Wars X-Wing board game on Friday or Saturday nights. “I can’t wait to get back to playing,” he exclaims!  Jon also likes to collect basketball and football cards as well as autographs of people from all walks of life. He tells us that “Some of my prized autographs are from Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Baker Mayfield, to Eminem and even Oprah Winfrey.”

In closing, Jon shared the words of Steve Jobs: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Jon said that he is happy to be able to say, “I love what I do!”

We are honored to have Jon Ream on the team here at Ohio Valley College of Technology.  For more information on the fast track Associate Degree in Business Administration, visit ovct.edu and request information today.

Local Student Finds Her Dream Career in Dental Assisting

At 20 years old, Mickala Guy had already been working as a server and hostess at a local restaurant for over 6 years. She knew that one day she wanted a career but did not know what she wanted to do or how to do it. This all changed when one day, during a shift, a coworker told Mickala that she would never to be able to leave and that she would be stuck in her serving job forever. Although she liked her job, she was committed to making sure this would not be her life. The same day her co-worker made that comment is the day Mickala applied to OVCT! Three days later she was accepted. Through career planning with an admissions advisor, Mickala realized OVCT was the right option for her because it was a short-term associate degree program and close to home. She was also excited about the small classroom sizes because she wanted the same one-on-one attention that she was fortunate enough to have in high school.  Mickala said, “I figured I would feel at home and I definitely did!”  She chose to pursue a career in dental assisting after looking at various options. “After a lot of research, I knew that being a dental assistant was something I would like to do. Little did I know that I would love it!”

When asked her favorite part about OVCT, Mickala stated that it was “hands-down the teachers. I promise you will never meet a more caring group of people than them. I also loved the amount of one-on-one time I received from the teachers. They all really want you to succeed and do well both in the classroom and in life. All of them take time to get to know every single one of their students on a personal level to make you feel comfortable and welcome.” It was hard for her to choose who her favorite instructor was. “All of them hold a special part in my heart. I graduated almost 8 months ago and I still keep in touch with almost all of them,” she said. However, if she had to pick a favorite class, she stated that it “was probably Current Events with Mr. Clutter. It was a fun (and interesting) class to take!”

Upon graduation, Mickala earned her Associate Degree and became a Nationally Registered Certified Dental Assistant with an Ohio dental radiography license and CPR & First Aid certifications. Currently, she works as a dental assistant at the office of Melissa Padgett, DDS. Her ideal job is to be a dental hygienist. She is actively pursuing this dream. Mickala is now attending Stark State College for dental hygiene. In 5 years she hopes to have graduated, gotten married, and to have started a family of her own. Mickala concluded, “I would recommend OVCT in a heartbeat! If you are having any doubts or you are questioning where to go to school, give OVCT a shot. I promise you will fall in love with the atmosphere, the teachers, and the fellow students.”

To get started training for your Dental Assisting certification, request information here today!


We’re Here for You Through COVID-19

Our lives have changed dramatically throughout the last few weeks as we adjust and deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. From our daily movements being restricted, to learning to homeschool our kids, to the heroes on the front lines battling this virus, we have all been affected.

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, we want to assure our students, our community, and our future students, that we are here for you and willing to support you in every way possible. We’re in this fight together, and we will make it through together.

Supporting OVCT Students

At OVCT, we are not just a college, we are a family. During this difficult time, we remain fully committed to continuing our purpose of empowering change by creating opportunity.

We are committed to supporting and serving the OVCT student family throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now providing online remote instruction for all students, enabling you to continue training for a rewarding, fulfilling career. Students will continue to gain valuable knowledge and develop their skills via our distance learning classes, setting them up for success in their future careers.

Educational institutions are considered essential businesses in Ohio, so students may travel to campus to receive materials for distance learning and other related essential services. We are taking every precaution necessary to ensure our facilities are sanitized and are operating under social distancing requirements. For students who cannot or prefer not to travel to campus, all instructors are available to remotely assist students in any way possible.

OVCT has created an Interim Leave of Absence Policy for active students in good academic standing who are unable to begin or complete a course of study due to COVID-19. Additionally, we have updated the current Incomplete Policy to support students who are unable to sit for certification exams during this time. Please visit the COVID-19 Information page on our website for more information and guidance on these policies.

Supporting the Community

Along with staying committed to supporting our students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, OVCT is highly invested in our healthcare community, and is dedicated to serving it as best as possible by providing trained medical professionals to the local workforce.

With healthcare programs including Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, and Medical Office Administration, OVCT graduates are on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 virus, caring for sick patients, and providing essential support to doctor’s offices and hospitals.

We pledge to continue supporting local healthcare teams and members of the community by training and educating essential healthcare workers who are urgently needed during this pandemic.

Supporting Future Students

We know that due to the mandatory restrictions on non-essential businesses, many people and families are being negatively impacted. These restrictions have caused many people to lose their jobs or be laid off, and millions of people across the country have already applied for unemployment benefits.

Our purpose is to empower change by creating opportunity, so we believe that OVCT has an important role to play in helping people by enabling them to get retrained and back to work. While we are still offering on-campus college visits, we have also added virtual campus visits for those who prefer not to travel to the campus. It’s our hope that this will allow affected people to start a path to a more secure career by earning a degree for a valuable healthcare career.

We also understand that this time of uncertainty is hard for high schoolers who are unsure of what to do next. We encourage all area high school seniors to explore our career-focused college degree programs that can lead to successful, rewarding careers.

To find out about our Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Business Administration programs, contact us today to schedule a remote admissions meeting.

OVCT Student Brey Lott is Enjoying his Healthcare Training Experience!

Ohio Valley College of Technology Medical Assisting student Breyshon “Brey” Lott graduated from Cardinal Mooney High School in Youngstown, Ohio in 2016.  Brey says that his college experience so far is amazing and fun.  “I love everything about my new school and wouldn’t trade it for the world,” says Brey.  He chose OVCT because of the curriculum and to push himself to further his education and earn what he wants in life.

Brey says that the curriculum in the Medical Assisting program is more interesting than difficult.  When asked why he chose to pursue his Associate Degree in Medical Assisting, Mr. Lott replied, “It makes me want to learn more about the body and the processes of helping people as much as I can.”

Brey’s favorite teacher is Mr. C (Tim Clutter).  “He’s filled with joy and humor and makes everyone feel like you’re supposed to be here.  He keeps it real in a way that is motivational and positive.  Honestly, all of the teachers here are on the same path to make sure you reach your goals,” he says.  Brey’s goal after graduation is to further his education in the Nursing program and become an RN.  Ultimately, he hopes to become a Nurse Practitioner and open a practice of his own.

We asked Brey if he would refer a friend to OVCT and he said, “Yes, I highly recommend anyone, especially my friends, to attend because the experience is just too great not to enjoy and further your education here. Plus it is affordable and you meet some really nice people while attending.”

To learn more about all that OVCT has to offer, request information here!

Ohio Valley College of Technology Welcomes Advisory Board to Campus

Over forty representatives and employers from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia recently met at Ohio Valley College of Technology for the college’s annual advisory board meeting. Comprised of an array of respected professionals within the healthcare, dental, business, and social-services industries, the advisory board’s mission is to foster students’ career success and employer satisfaction by sharing valuable employer feedback and developing educational goals.

The evening started with a brief highlight of OVCT’s WE CARE Core Values and an overview of its successful year of outcomes in student retention, certification/licensure of graduates, and career placement. A “southern comfort” style dinner was catered by one of OVCT’s very own Business Administration students, Joshua Nally, who is pursuing his education with the intent to open and manage his own restaurant.

At the conclusion of the general session, representatives participated in program-specific breakout sessions in nursing, medical assisting, dental assisting, business administration, and medical office administration. These sessions provided an opportunity to identify current training and skills needs in these career training programs and to assess the overall effectiveness of each program in preparing graduates for employment. The advisory board fosters employer and community relationships while developing program goals through the input of healthcare and business professionals. This relationship ensures that employers are familiar with the comprehensive career services provided by OVCT, and assists in matching the skills employers need to the graduates who possess those skills as documented through industry-recognized national certifications.

In attendance were representatives from:

Heritage Valley Health System 

Hill International Trucks

Cyanna Education Services 

North American Dental Group 

Southwoods Health 

Concordia Visiting Nurses

Allegheny Health Network 

Calcutta Healthcare

Vibra Healthcare 

Weirton Medical Center 

True North LLP 

East Liverpool City Hospital/Prime Healthcare 

East Liverpool Medical Group 

Ozer Ministries 

Corporate Soul at Priority Life Care, LLC 

C.V. Fisher

Southern Columbiana County Chamber of Commerce

Byler, Wolfe, Lutsch, & Kampfer, CPA’s Inc. 

Dr. Jeff Caldwell, DMD, Family Dentistry

This year, OVCT was honored to have a record number of current students in attendance, as well as many OVCT alumni who are now working in their career field!  We are very appreciative of the many community leaders who provide their time and valuable feedback regarding employment trends and the training needed for success in the healthcare or business fields.

For more information on the short-term Associate Degree career training programs offered at OVCT, visit us at ovct.edu

Editor’s note: This event took place prior to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines. We still wanted to share this event with you as it is an event we look forward to every year. 

What Should High School Seniors Be Doing Now?

Being a senior in high school is a wonderful experience with school dances, holiday breaks, and classes with your friends. You are close to the finish line and have made it so far!

Coming to the end of one journey and preparing for the next can be overwhelming and a little scary for many high schoolers. As graduations gets closer, the essential question to ask yourself is, what will I do after high school?

Deciding to continue your education by earning a college degree is a terrific investment in your future. Earning a higher salary and increased job security are just a few of the benefits of continuing your education beyond high school. With the many options available, how can you choose the right path for you? And what things can you do now to set yourself up for success after high school? Read on for our top tips for what high school seniors should be doing!

Research Schools and Programs

As a high school senior, the first thing you need to do is research the programs and schools that you’re interested in. To help guide you to the school that’s right for you, look through each school’s website, check out their social media pages, read online reviews, and talk with representatives that come to your high school. This should give you a good feel for the various school options.

Deciding on the right program for you is equally important as choosing the right school. To help make this decision, ask yourself key questions such as what type of career do you want, how quickly do you want to begin your career, and what learning style works best for you? Your answers will help direct you toward the program that’s best for you.

For example, if you want to work in healthcare, earn your degree in less than two years, and you learn best in a hands-on environment, then a career-focused degree may be the best option for you. At Ohio Valley College of Technology, we offer fast track college degrees for in-demand careers like Nursing, Medical Assisting, Medical Office Administration, Dental Assisting, and Business Administration. With these short-term programs, you can begin your career in months, not years.

When choosing a school, other important items to consider are whether there is job placement assistance, whether you can earn valuable certifications as part of the program, and does the school offer direct admission, meaning you don’t have to take unnecessary classes just to get into your desired program.

Once you have decided on the program you’re interested in, reach out to the school to get more information and ask any questions you need answered. To get a good feel for the school and determine if it’s the right fit for you, set up a campus visit and tour. Be sure to take notes so you are aware of important things like deadlines for admissions.

As you make the decision on which school to attend, talk with family, friends, and guidance counselors, as they can offer great advice and insight.

Complete the Application Process

You’ve decided on the school you’ll attend and chosen your program, so now it’s time to complete the application process! Meet with your admissions advisor to fill out your application and make a list of anything else you need to do, including next steps. At OVCT, our Admissions Advisors work with you one-on-one to guide you through the process. For extra support, feel free to bring a parent or family member to your admissions interview.

Next, you’ll meet with a Financial Aid Representative to help you create a plan to finance your education. Any questions you have about paying for your degree can be answered in this meeting, including the FAFSA, student loans, scholarships, payment plans, and more. Your parent or guardian will have questions as well, so be sure to bring them.

After your financial aid meeting, you will need to fill out your FAFSA, apply for scholarships, and pay any fees. Depending on the college and program you choose, you may also need to take an entrance exam or send in letters of recommendation.

Prepare for Success

Congratulations! You have decided on the school you’ll attend, chosen a program, and finished the admissions process. As you prepare to graduate high school, continue to focus on your responsibilities like grades, extracurricular activities, and work.

If your chosen school contacts you, be sure to respond quickly, as they may have questions or need additional information from you. Finally, purchase any necessary supplies and communicate with family and friends about the support you will need while in school.

Apply to OVCT

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, we offer fast track degree programs with hands-on training, student support, small classes, personalized attention, and a WE CARE approach to education. Request information today to start your path to a meaningful career!

Joshua Nally – Student Highlight

A Profile in Success:

Joshua Nally, Student Government President

Ohio Valley College of Technology

Joshua Nally Receiving High School Diploma
OVCT student Joshua Nally (left) receives his Penn Foster High School Diploma from Business Administration Program Director Jonathan Ream.

 Ohio Valley College of Technology Business Administration student Joshua Nally, Sr. never thought he would attend college. Before starting at OVCT at age 36, he was working full-time in an unfulfilling career. Then his wife, Jennifer, came to enroll in the Medical Assisting course.  Joshua states, “She called me and said ‘how would you like to go back to school?’ and I said ‘OK, let’s do it.’”  Until that critical point, Josh had never attended college before. In fact, he needed to enroll in the Penn-Foster high school diploma completion program offered through OVCT before he could even enter college classes. Joshua applied his diligent work ethic to earning his high school diploma quickly to be able to start college.

Since starting at OVCT last August, Mr. Nally has become an important part of the OVCT family.  He began employment as a federal work study, assisting the I.T. Department with computer network updates. He has led and been engaged in multiple community activities and projects supporting the U.S. military, in addition to being an all-around “go-to guy” on campus.   Joshua’s leadership skills led to him recently being elected Student Government president, while his wife, Jennifer, was elected vice-president. Since his election, Josh has organized a campus clean-up to pick up trash around the outside grounds and organized the first school dance in recent history, a “Roaring ‘20s” themed event for students and their partners. Joshua has accomplished all this while maintaining a perfect 4.0 grade-point average and nearly-perfect attendance.

Joshua Nally - Student Highlight
Josh Nally catches a quick break after clearing trash from the campus grounds during a volunteer clean-up.

Mr. Nally chose the Business Administration program because he has always wanted to run his own business. After graduation, he plans to either open his own business or “work for a big company that deals with selling anything. I’m a salesperson at heart,” remarks Joshua.  Mr. Nally has implemented “Josh’s Grab N Go” on campus to provide inexpensive lunches to students, staff, and faculty. The success of this venture led to him being asked to cater the dinner for the college’s community Advisory Board meetings, showcasing his entrepreneurial skills to business leaders. He hopes to continue this venture beyond campus, and grow to become a staple “go-to” food spot in the community.

When asked about his favorite part of attending OVCT, Joshua states, “Everything! OVCT staff and students are amazing. I love that the classes are short and there are not too many students in each class.” Mr. (Jonathan) Ream was recognized by Joshua for making him feel so welcome.  “He will work hard to make sure you succeed. He has been there since day one. I appreciate him 100%,” said Joshua.

Joshua Nally Student Government President
Joshua and Jennifer Nally (rear, center) in the OVCT student lounge, with other members of Student Government, show Valentines prepared to send to USMC (retired) Maj. Bill White. Maj. White is a 104-year old Veteran who lives in California.

Looking to the future, Mr. Nally is confident about how he wants his life to be in five years.  Josh states that he wants to be “financially stable, with enough money in the bank to never have to worry about bill collectors again.” Further, he would love to own a home within five years and “never have to go without anything again.”

When asked pointedly if he would refer a friend to OVCT, Joshua said, “100%! Not only because of how awesome the staff and students are, but I never would have thought how much everyone treats you like family. The instructors will do everything in their power to make sure you succeed. My life has already changed for the better ever since I started at OVCT. I can’t wait to see what’s coming in the future.”

To learn more about how to become a part of the OVCT family, visit ovct.edu!