Steps to Apply for Admission to the Nursing Programs at OVCT

Ohio Valley College of Technology (OVCT) located in East Liverpool, Ohio offers a 24-month Associate Degree of Nursing Program with direct admittance and an LPN to RN Bridge program. Direct admission means that you do not have to waste time and money taking extra elective classes allowing most students to complete the program within just 24 months. Enrolling in any nursing program is a long, tedious process. To make sure you get accepted and have a spot in a highly sought-after program you need to be organized and attentive to critical deadlines.

The purpose of this blog is to help prepare you for some of the steps to apply for direct admission into any of the OVCT Nursing Programs.

  1. Nursing Program by visiting us online, calling (330) 385-1070 or stopping into our campus.
  2. Schedule an appointment to come in and learn about the nursing programs and see if you are a good fit for the school. This program requires a lot of commitment. The practical nursing program asks students to allow 50 hours per week (40 hours of instruction and 10 hours of outside study time) of time to be successful in this program.
  3. Apply online at or apply in person.
  4. Potential students will need to request OFFICIAL copies of transcripts from your high school and any college you have attended. Official Transcripts should be requested and sent directly to the admissions office or brought in unopened from the institution. Faxed or emailed transcripts, or transcripts that are not in a sealed envelope from the institution will not be accepted.
  5. Schedule and study for the TEAS entrance exam.
      • The exam is taken on campus and is around 3.5 hours long.
      • This test requires 2-3 weeks or preparation and study time. DO NOT WAIT…THE PROGRAM FILLS FAST!
  6. If the student passes the TEAS exam (results are provided on the same day), a one-hour interview with the Director of Nursing will be scheduled.
  7. The student will need to bring their completed application which includes two professional references and an essay to the interview.
  8. The Director of Nursing will then decide if the student is accepted or denied direct admission to the program.
  9. If the student is accepted into the program, the next step is to set up an appointment with financial aid to cover financial information and actions needed to obtain appropriate clearances.
  10. Completed clearances, immunizations, and disclosures forms are due prior to orientation.
  11. Attend orientation and begin classes.


Steps to Enroll In Nursing Program


Darla Davis – Student Highlight

Darla Davis

Ohio Valley College of Technology Medical Assisting student Darla Davis tried online classes a few times and also attended another local college and it just didn’t work for her.  Darla said the teachers weren’t as friendly or helpful and the atmosphere just wasn’t what she wanted or expected.  She often felt so alone that she ended up quitting.

Before attending OVCT, Darla was working full-time as a caregiver in Pittsburgh.  She knew she needed to make a better life for her three children, so she looked up OVCT mainly because it was local.  She had no idea it was going to be the best decision of her life!

Having been a caregiver for some time, Darla likes to help people so she thought the Medical Assisting program at OVCT would be a perfect fit for her.  She loves the hands-on training and that the teachers and staff really care about students succeeding.  “I love all the new friends I’ve made and I love the family-like atmosphere at OVCT.”

Darla says there are too many great teachers at OVCT for her to pick just one!  “Mrs. Hedrick is so sweet. While I was away sick she texted me daily, checking on me and that meant so much to me.  Mrs. Scott is great.  She always makes me smile and laugh and she really makes it easy to understand the material we are going over.  Mrs. Poynter is an awesome teacher too and she really pushes us to do our best! Mrs. Rogers is a very sweet woman she makes sure to always ask me how I’m doing and you can tell she really cares. Mr. Ream is so funny. There is never a dull moment with him around.  If there are any technical or computer issues, he is the man!  Clinical classes are probably my favorite class because of the hands-on learning.”

Darla Davis 2

After graduation, Ms. Davis plans to be working as a Medical Assistant at a family doctor’s office or at a bariatric office.  She hopes to continue her education to become a Registered Nurse and would like to be married and continue to be the best mother she can be for her children.

Darla says she would most definitely refer OVCT to all her friends and family.  In her own words, “Anyone wanting to better their life and obtain a career should check out this school.  Enrolling at OVCT was the best choice I ever made and I know I wouldn’t be having such a great experience anywhere else.  OVCT pushes me to be the best me I can be and I can’t thank them enough for that!”

Are You Prepared To Leave High School?

High school graduation is right around the corner and although we know you are ready to be done with high school, are you prepared to join the world of adulthood?

OVCT Group Grads

So many decisions need to be made during the junior and senior years of high school, that it can be daunting and stressful. To help you ease through the process, we have developed a list of suggestions to help keep your mind straight and on task.

  1. Do not make college or educational decisions based on friends and family.
  2. You do not need to know your major or career goals today. You still have time to figure that out. Guidance counselors are available in your high school and potential colleges. Let them help guide you through the process.
  3. If you plan on attending college or post-secondary training, get involved in an activity, but don’t overextend yourself.
  4. Get off your phone and experience the moments! Time passes by quickly.
  5. Celebrate your accomplishments!
  6. Every person in life has a story, meet new people, make new friends and enjoy the experience!
  7. Work hard but do not forget to take time to experience life!

Traditional four-year college programs are not for everyone. At Ohio Valley College of Technology (OVCT), we offer numerous career training courses in East Liverpool, Ohio as part of both associate degree and diploma programs. OVCT provides hands-on training, one on one experiences, and small class sizes in a variety of career fields.

Ohio Valley College of Technology offers programs in the following areas:


Medical Assisting

Dental Assisting

Medical Office Administration

Business Administration

We understand that picking a career as a high school senior is a hard decision. If you are interested in starting a career in as little as 24 months, contact us today! We may be able to help!


Refresh Dental – Externship Highlight

A Discussion with Cheyenne Hoops, Dental Assisting Externship Site Coordinator, Refresh Dental

Refresh Dental

The Boardman, Ohio location of Refresh Dental was established in 2013 as a general dentistry office.  The office offers multiple dental procedures including dental hygiene cleanings, restorations, endodontic therapy, scaling and root planning, implants, in-office whitening, take-home whitening custom trays, and prosthodontics.

Ms. Hoops indicates that the current business climate for dental services is increasing at a very positive rate. They are seeing more new patients every day and conducting same-day treatment for those patients.  Refresh Dental also welcomes walk-ins patients!  The sales of dental products continue to increase as the staff informs the patients of the benefits of using powered toothbrushes, take-home whitening kits, MI paste, and high-quality mouthwash.  Cheyenne states, “Patients often don’t have enough knowledge to ask about products that can improve their overall oral hygiene. Therefore, our staff takes their time to explain the benefits.”

Ms. Hoops says that OVCT students who complete externships at their office receive hands-on training in a fast-paced environment. According to her, “they will get fantastic experience learning everything a dental office has to offer.  We have different doctors who have different specialties and a student has a wide variety of experiences to choose from.  We also offer many job opportunities to the students.” She reports that they value having OVCT students complete their externship at Refresh Dental because they “get the opportunity to teach and show the student best-in-class patient care.”

According to Cheyenne, the five-year outlook for dental services is strong and her office location plans to increase patient clientele and grow with the needs of patients.  They plan on having more advertisements, so that more patients can understand the benefit of using certain products and can ask about them in greater detail during office visits.  Overall, they plan to grow as a business in every aspect in the next 5 years to provide the best patient care.

Her advice to future students is to have great organization.  “Do not procrastinate because time will get away from you.  Try your best and strive for greatness at everything you do because one day it will show, and you want to be the best!”

To learn how to earn Dental Assisting certification training and to get started pursuing your Dental Assisting career, contact OVCT today at 330-385-1070.

OVCT – Dental Assisting Program

Dental assistants are crucial members of a healthcare team, offering support in many areas in a dental facility. With your Dental Assisting Associate Degree, a dream career in dental assisting can become a reality. The Dental Assisting program at Ohio Valley College of Technology (OVCT) does not just provide career training, it also prepares you for the Nationally Registered Certified Dental Assistant (NRCDA) certification test.

Dental Assisting Program Highlight

Dental assistants are an essential part of the oral care team, and OVCT wants to help every student advance on to a successful career. If you’re in East Liverpool, Ohio, or surrounding cities like Calcutta, Wellsville, Chester, Beaver Falls, or Midland, and you’re interested in dental assistant training you can start your career training at any time during our rolling enrollment period and graduate in as little as two years.

Many local colleges or training programs may offer similar training, but the difference at OVCT is that we pride ourselves on providing six-week classes per course, with students typically taking two courses at a time. Instructors at OVCT encourage a student-driven environment, with an average of 16-18 students per class. This provides adequate laboratory time and ensures small class sizes to give the one on one training.

Students who participate in our dental assistant training in East Liverpool, Ohio benefit from a wealth of advantages and acquire all-encompassing training. Our dedicated instructors will teach you how to:

  • Expose and develop radiographs
  • Assist a dentist during dental procedures
  • Sterilize dental instruments and equipment
  • Manage patient records
  • Schedule procedures
  • Educate patients on postoperative and oral healthcare
  • Develop the leadership skills needed to manage a dental office
  • Take dental impressions and perform laboratory duties
  • Mix dental cement
  • Identify oral pathology

Certifications can strengthen your appeal in the job market and successful completion of them allow students to not only sit for the Nationally Registered Certified Dental Assistant (NRCDA) certification test but also partake in the OSDB Approved Dental Assistant Radiographer Course.


Why wait jump start your dental assisting career at OVCT!


Stephanie Triner – Student Highlight

Stephanie Triner attended a large university right after high school. Unfortunately, at the time, she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life and this ultimately led to her dropping out of college after a year and a half.

Stephanie Triner

Before she decided to try the college journey again at Ohio Valley College of Technology, she was a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Stephanie chose OVCT because it is close to home and offered the programs she was most interested in. She had multiple friends who had attended college here with nothing but good things to say, so she decided to give it a shot.

Stephanie chose the Medical Assisting program so she could have some experience in the medical field before applying to enter OVCT’s nursing program.  She loves the idea of being able to help those in need and hopes to complete her education and enter the field of NICU nursing.

Stephanie says it’s hard to choose just one part of what makes OVCT so great for her. She says that “the friends and teachers I have met at this institution are some of the best people I have ever met. Everyone is truly one big family with high hopes of success for all that attend here.” She says she cannot just pick one teacher as her favorite because they are all phenomenal. “Each teacher has his or her own way of teaching but is able to make sure each student understands the content with confidence.” So far her favorite class has been Medical Terminology. She finds it fascinating how all the words are pieced together and finds herself using what she’s learned every day.  “It’s so fascinating to see what you’re learning being applied somehow in everyday life outside of school.”

Her ideal job after graduation is to become a nurse working with children. She would love to be helping in both the labor and delivery floor and the “mommy and me” side of the hospital. She is also open to working in a pediatrician’s office because she loves children and wants to be able to help them.

In her five-year plan, she would like to finally be out living on her own with her daughter. She hopes to have money saved and be financially stable to give her family the best life that she possibly can while also being happy in her chosen career field.

Stephanie says she would definitely recommend OVCT to a friend, and already has! Stephanie states, “I always hear my friends wishing they could go back or have the time, and I always tell them that the OVCT schedule is so accommodating to peoples’ lives, especially those with children!  I really feel that this school, staff, and students are so helpful that there is no reason to doubt or procrastination regarding your goals.”

Interview Secret Weapon- Using Time With Purpose

By scouring the internet you can easily find countless webpages chock full of interviewing tips and advice. Typically these sources focus on professional attire, positive body language, and how to answer interview questions. However, there is one area in particular that is overlooked but could be a game-changer during the interview. Using each second that you engage a business or interviewer should be PURPOSEFUL and work toward selling you conspicuously and inconspicuously.

Think about interviews you have been to before. When you walked in and let the front desk know you were there, what did you do next? Likely you took a seat and waited for the interviewer to come get you. Many of us know that in these moments we should not use our cell phone or other distracting devices, but did you know that the second a person sits down they are missing a great opportunity to sell themselves and make a great first impression? I recommend that when asked to wait, do this instead of sitting:

You're Hired

  1. Make casual conversation. Talk to the front desk staff, others sitting in the waiting room, even the janitorial staff, etc. WHY? Typically, the front desk personnel have a strong say or opinion in hiring decisions, second, employers want to hire someone that will be a good fit in the office community. If they come out and see you getting along with their team, that will instantly give you a positive advantage over other candidates. If the employer observes you positively engaging patients or clients, it is a glimpse as to how you will engage patients and clients when working for them. Remember, employers want someone who can represent their organization in a positive professional way that will make patients and clients feel comfortable, safe, and cared for. This leads to patient retention and repeat clientele. Lastly, by engaging all staff, not just front desk or managerial types, it shows that you are humble, kind, and a leader.
  2. Walk around and observe the plaques, awards, literature, and signage employers have on their walls, counters, and front desk. This will provide potential talking points and expanded knowledge of the business that you can utilize during the interview. In addition, if an interviewer sees you practicing this habit, you will appear as someone who is eager and excited to learn about and join their organization. Remember, employers want someone who will come to work with enthusiasm and passion. They do not want a person who is there just to collect a paycheck.

Now, it’s not just while waiting that you can optimize your time. During the interview make sure your responses to questions highlight your K.S.A.E, or, your knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience that relate to your field. By doing this, you will be able to more succinctly and effectively make your point and sell yourself as a strong candidate for the job.

Did you enjoy these tips? Want to learn more about how OVCT’s Career Service department helps graduates prepare for a successful career?  Call OVCT today!

Good Time Management Can Help Improve Academic Standings

Students start college, career training or any type post-secondary education programs with high expectations. Many students envision themselves studying and being successful in their course work, but they fail to put together a realistic plan, routine and work schedule that will enable them to achieve academic greatness.

The following suggestions will help you improve your time management which will help you improve your academic performance.

OVCT Time Management

Step 1: Prepare a Term Calendar

  • Include high-level activities such as class time and items whose times don’t change from week to week

Step 2: Prepare a Calendar by Weekly Activities

  • Add in weekly items that need to be completed by each class such as assignments, tests, events, and discussion boards
  • Add all school activities
  • Add all out of school and extra-curricular activities
  • Add in your weekly schedule for out of school activities such as work, family events, and extra-curricular activities

Step 3: Prepare a Daily Schedule – Term calendars and weekly activities don’t typically change, however, your daily schedule may vary based upon changes at work or changes within your personal life. Pick a day each week and dedicate time to preparing your weekly schedule.

  • Jot down things that need to be completed for the next day.
  • Write down everything from the prior day that was assigned that may need to be completed within the next day/days.
  • Include any activities from your weekly schedule that need to be included for the next day that was not previously on your calendar.

You will notice that one of the key fundamentals to managing your study time is to start with your overall schedule and then to work your way down to the details. A calendar as a whole provides direction and instructions for accomplishing your big picture career and school goals.

Key Factors to Achieve Great Time Management Skills

  • Prioritize your assignments by due date and time needed to complete the assignment.
  • Create blocks within your calendar to allow for study time.
  • Schedule activities that are outside of your normal school and work schedule.
  • Join a study group at your college, career school or institution. Study groups offer several advantages to students because typically each member is assigned a topic and then provides a summary to the group.
  • Make sure that you get exercise, eat right and get plenty of sleep!
  • Be flexible! Even though you have accepted the responsibility of maintaining a great calendar you need to flexible. Unforeseen obstacles are going to pop up, so plan accordingly.



Career Services, A Valuable Resource For Past, Present & Future Students!

By: Courtney Martin – Career Management Director

Ohio Valley College of Technology wants to ensure each and every student that walks in these doors, walks out with the education they aspire to achieve. Career services offered through the school helps students prepare for the real world outside of the classroom. Below is useful information regarding our career services and everything we have to offer.

OVCT Student Government

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, our students are very lucky to have access to a dedicated career services team. We feel this makes a difference by providing support the second a student enrolls and continuing to provide that same quality of help beyond graduation. It is incredibly important to make a difference in the lives of our students.

In our Career Preparation class, students begin their career search. Career Preparation facilitates a smooth transition between college and career. It provides students with the training and tools they need to effectively and successfully write professional documents, up to and including a tailored resume. Students will also learn how to analyze job descriptions, perform quality job searches, develop a career portfolio, ace an interview, dress to impress, and secure a great career and keep it.

When creating a resume, a cover letter is a great representation of the student. Just remember, a cover letter should not just be a regurgitated version of the resume. It should work to show the employer how the candidate will be an ideal fit and an investment for the organization. Thus, it should address the employer’s wants and needs in language from the job description and company website to prove the applicant is well-suited for the role. An employer will determine if they want to trash or keep reading a resume in only six to eight seconds! Thus, it is vital for resume writers to highlight their industry-specific knowledge, skills, and abilities
(or experiences) clearly and efficiently. To do this, as much unnecessary wording as possible should be removed and each component should have purpose, and work toward selling the candidate. The resume should be clean, use space wisely, and should be able to be scanned without ease.

We are all taught from a young age to “never judge a book by its cover.” However, employers do not take this approach. To an employer, “perception is reality.” What they see is what they think they are going to get. Thus, it is critical that interviewees use their appearance as another means to show employers that they are professional, practice appropriate hygiene, and are attentive to detail.

The resume is just one item you need to bring to an interview. The resume, the cover letter, and the reference sheet are what we like to consider the “trifecta”. However, we also recommend that candidates bring an industry-specific career portfolio to visually demonstrate their skills, showcase their achievements, and highlight what makes them unique and the ideal candidate. It is also a good idea to bring a thank you letter to drop off after the interview,  simply thanking them for their time.

After an interview, students need to show enthusiasm. 93% of communication is non-verbal. Thus, candidates should ensure that their tone, facial expressions, and body language demonstrate enthusiasm, interest, kindness, and confidence. Additionally, too many candidates get caught up trying to be what they think the employer wants. However, it is important to not sacrifice being genuine.

Ohio Valley College of Technology is a big family and our graduates are an important component of that. Career services are free and available to all students and graduates who are part of the OVCT family. Career services does not discriminate and uses various platforms and technologies to ensure that the lines of communication remain open. OVCT wants to help assist you in having a Great Career and Great Life!

Amanda Dean – Student Highlight

Amanda Dean

OVCT School of Nursing student Amanda Dean graduated from West Branch High School in 2017 and entered the Associate Degree in Nursing program that September.  Amanda always thought she would attend a traditional four-year university and says she had no idea that programs like the accelerated 24-month program even existed until her senior year.  Amanda thinks it is pretty awesome that she will be able to be working as a Registered Nurse before she even turns 21 years old!  She chose the OVCT School of Nursing because of the convenient evening schedule and hands-on learning she got to experience in her very first semester.

Amanda says that her favorite part of the OVCT experience is the professional relationships she has developed with friends, teachers, and clinical instructors.  It all came together for her in Medical/Surgical Nursing 1, when she was able to combine all aspects of Nursing, science, and critical thinking to apply everything she had learned in a clinical setting.  Her ideal job after graduation will allow her to work close to home while furthering her education in Nursing.  In five years, Amanda says she hopes to be living in her own home, with her student debt paid off, while working in a career field she enjoys.

Amanda says she “would definitely recommend a friend to OVCT because they make it easy by planning out your course schedule and providing all your books.”  She states that “all you need to do is invest in your life for a short period of time to come out on top with an awesome degree!”