Giving Back to the Community . . . A Story in Success with OVCT Graduate Brook Faulk

A Story in Success with OVCT Graduate Brook Faulk
Emily Ramm (l) and Marcy Sinsly (r) meet with OVCT alumna Brook Faulk (center) at Jamby Styles, her family’s store in Lisbon, Ohio.

Current OVCT business students, Marcy Sinsley and Emily Ramm, had the pleasure of interviewing OVCT Alumni and local business owner Brook Faulk. Brook is the owner and operator of Dashing Divas and Jamby Styles of Lisbon, Ohio. Dashing Divas is a second-hand clothing boutique with new clothes from their own brand, Jamby Styles. Jamby Styles is a wholesale clothing company. They always strive to provide impeccable customer support to their clientele and to sell quality products at affordable prices. Marcy and Emily had the privilege to tour both stores and learn about Brook’s business operations.

A Story in Success with OVCT Graduate Brook Faulk
Brook Faulk displays some of the products at the store in Lisbon.

While on tour of both stores, OVCT students asked Brook about her experiences at OVCT. Brook started out explaining why she chose this school saying, “I chose OVCT because I wanted to go to a college that was close to home. I had recently attended another local college and my credits were transferable, which were a great addition. Upon my registration and tour of the facility, the staff was extremely knowledgeable, and everyone was great. The school program itself was only two years long, but with my previous credits, my journey at OVCT was even shorter to get my Associate Degree. One thing I really liked about OVCT was the smaller size classrooms. I am a visual learner, and this gave me more of a one-on-one experience with my teachers.”

When asked why she chose the business program she said, “I chose OVCT’s business program because it’s one of the top programs in Columbiana County. They have a great success rate for after-graduation hiring. I also had a passion for running my own business. I had recently started Dashing Divas Boutique and I was eager to learn new things to grow my business. Dashing Divas was a rather new business when I started to attend OVCT. During my time as a student, I was able to learn how to market my business to the right clients. I also learned how to manage my finances and budget my funds. Seems like an easy task, but learning how to not overspend on inventory was a major plus and it left room to advertise.”

A Story in Success with OVCT Graduate Brook Faulk
Marcy Sinsley (l) and Emily Ramm (r) show off their free leggings received while on tour of Dashing Divas and Jamby Styles.

When discussing her time in school we asked who her favorite teachers were, “Mr. and Mrs. Grimes were by far my most favorite teachers. They cared about their students and took the time to get to know them. Because of them, I have learned to be a successful business owner.”

A Story in Success with OVCT Graduate Brook Faulk
The oldest operating elevator in the State of Ohio at Jamby Styles in Lisbon.

After giving Marcy and Emily a full tour of the Jamby’s building, which includes the oldest operating elevator in the state of Ohio, we learned that people from all over come to the store just to view and ride this historic elevator. Brook explained what she was most proud of as a business owner. “Fast forward to 2019 and to a new location, we have grown tremendously. Not only have we created a separate clothing brand that is known worldwide, we have over 700 consignors and new items arriving weekly. We also have customers that drive over two hours one way to visit our store. We have become a staple in our hometown.”

A Story in Success with OVCT Graduate Brook Faulk
Donated coats available for the community at Dashing Divas Consignment.

Brook and her family have contributed a lot to the Lisbon community. With how much she does, we asked if she had anything planned for the upcoming holidays quickly approaching? She replied, “Lisbon is our home and I have always wanted to make an impact. With the help of the community and the Lisbon Fire Department, we created an operation called Under Wraps. Last year, we provided 106 children in Lisbon, Ohio with a Christmas to remember. Over $10,000 worth of items were collected from friends, family, business owners and individuals in the community. Sometimes people need help and most of the time they do not want to ask for it. Times are tough during the holidays and if we can help ease the burden, that’s exactly what we are going to do. It’s an anonymous operation that delivers toys and clothing on Christmas Eve. This year we have collected over $2,000 of toys already and over $1,000 in monetary donations. I am the only one that knows every detail about each child. I see many kids in our community that need this. Nothing warms your heart more than when you go to drop your child off at school and the child you bought for is wearing the new winter coat and sparkly shoes with the biggest smile on their face.”

Emily and Marcy shared how humble Brook is, and how much she contributes to the community, which changes people’s lives. Brook is truly an inspiration and a real leader in the Columbiana County area. It was incredibly gracious of her to take the time to open up her business to our students and share her success story with them. Thank you again, to OVCT Business Administration program alumna Brook Faulk for the hospitality she provided to our students and for changing the lives of so many families in the area!

Thankful for Our Students

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, our purpose is to empower change by creating opportunity for each and every student that walks into our campus. We strive to provide all students with the education, training, and skills to achieve career success.

We offer fast track training programs in Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Business Administration, providing students with the best start possible to their careers. We are honored to have the ability to offer these programs to students, enabling them to start their careers in months, not years.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are sharing what we’re most thankful for at OVCT: our students!

Check out some of our top student moments from this past year!

Hands-On Skills

Our college degrees include hands-on training, so students are prepared to excel while on the job. Check out our nursing, medical, dental, and business students practicing valuable, hands-on career skills.

Earn Professional Certifications

Congratulations to our medical, dental, and business students who passed their certification exams and are now certified professionals, making them even more valuable to employers!


Student Experience

At OVCT, we provide an awesome student experience, so you can have fun while preparing for a successful career. Check out some of the amazing things about OVCT, including welcoming new students, campus visits from local employers, classroom activities like building medical offices, giving back with Give a Kid a Smile Day, student government, celebrating World Kindness Day, and graduation.


Events and Community

Participating in the community with events for OVCT staff, students, family, and friends is an important part of our WE CARE atmosphere. Check out some of our fun events from this past year like Halloween, Spirit Week, Splash an OVCT Instructor Fundraiser, Lisbon’s Johnny Appleseed Festival, the 2019 Community Career Fair, and 2019’s Boatsies Boxes Inc. Stockings for Soldiers campaign.


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LinkedIn 101: How to Advance Your Career Using LinkedIn

In today’s digital and social world, LinkedIn is more valuable than ever for advancing your career. According to LinkedIn, there are over 645 million users in more than 200 countries worldwide, so regardless of where you are, or the type of job you are trying to get, LinkedIn can help make it happen!

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network and a combination of your living resume, a place to network with other professionals, a search engine for job opportunities, and a platform to show your professional expertise. Read on as we share exactly how to advance your career using LinkedIn!

LinkedIn 101: How to Advance Your Career Using LinkedIn

Create Your Profile

The first step to advancing your career with LinkedIn is to create your profile. Your profile serves as your living resume and allows you to show off your education, experience, skills, and more. Having a professional looking and complete LinkedIn profile is essential when applying for jobs using LinkedIn. Here is a list of things to include in your LinkedIn profile to optimize it for advancing your career:

  • Photo – Add a professional looking headshot to help you stand out from others.
  • Name – Add your first and last name so you can be easily found.
  • Headline – Add a headline that describes what you do or want to do, such as “Medical Assistant”.
  • Location – Add your current location, or the location of where you’re trying to get hired.
  • Contact Information – Add your email address, your phone number if you want to, and the link to your website or portfolio if you have one.
  • Background Image – Use a professional background image that is relevant to your career and field, such as a photo of you with happy patients if you’re in the healthcare field.
  • About – Write and include an about section that tells the story of where you are in your career, including your experiences so far and where you want to go in your career.
  • Experience – Add all relevant experience including the company, job title, dates you worked there, and a short description of your job.
  • Skills – Add all your professional skills, including both hard and soft skills.
  • Education – Add the school, degree, and years attended for each degree you have earned.
  • Licenses and Certifications – Add the name of the credential, issuing organization, and dates valid for each license and certification you hold.
  • Volunteer Experience – Add volunteer experience you have, including the organization, your role, and a short description.
  • Accomplishments – Add professional and personal accomplishments, including courses, projects, published articles, awards, and any additional languages you speak.

As you’re creating your LinkedIn profile, you must optimize it for the specific keywords that recruiters and hiring managers would use when searching LinkedIn for job candidates. Use these keywords in various sections of your profile to make yourself appear more in LinkedIn searches.

Build Your Network

In addition to serving as your living resume, LinkedIn is a great place to build your network and connect with other professionals. If you’re just starting out in your career, you may not have a huge network yet, so begin by adding people you already know.

Import the contacts from your phone and email provider, such as Gmail, and send connection requests to everyone on these lists. Connect with your teachers, other students, and alumni of your school, and with supervisors and coworkers from previous jobs.

Follow companies that you’re interested in working for or that operate in your industry, so you’re first to see the jobs they post. Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your field, as this allows you to meet and build relationships with other professionals in your field.

Ask for Recommendations

Positive, glowing recommendations are the shining star to your LinkedIn profile. They show potential employers that you’re great at your job and people value you as a professional.

If you’re just starting your career or don’t have a lot of professional experience yet, there are still people you can go to for recommendations. Ask previous supervisors and coworkers that you have positive relationships with, even if the experience was in another field.

If you’re currently enrolled in school, ask your teachers, people at your externship site, and other students to give you a recommendation on LinkedIn. Other students can vouch for your work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork skills, and more.

Share Content and Engage

LinkedIn gives you the perfect opportunity to share your professional expertise with the world. Articles you write, videos you create, photos you take, and any other relevant content is great to share. You can share content from other people and pages as well, such as sharing a post from your school.

Liking, commenting, and engaging on LinkedIn will help you build positive relationships with other professionals. Other ways you can engage are congratulating those who get promotions or change jobs, and reaching out to people individually. For example, you could reach out to hiring managers with questions when applying for jobs, which can start a relationship and show your enthusiasm.

Search for Job Opportunities

Using LinkedIn to search and apply for job opportunities can get you on the fast track to your career. Job seekers can search based on many different criteria, such as job title, keyword, date posted, job type, location, company, industry, job function, experience level, and benefits offered.

When applying and interviewing for jobs, research and connect with hiring managers and recruiters. This shows you have taken time to do your homework and you can use the information you learned about them in your interview.

Under the Career Interests section in LinkedIn, click the button to let recruiters know you’re open to new job opportunities, and complete your job preferences including the title, location, and job type. Doing this makes your profile stand out to recruiters when they’re searching for candidates and increases your chances of receiving messages from recruiters.

Put Your Career On The Fast Track

Now that you know how to advance your career using LinkedIn, get the education and training needed to begin your career. Request information or call (330) 385-1070 today to get started!


By: Courtney Martin

When faced with the challenge of writing a resume and cover letter, many job-seekers feel overwhelmed or at a loss. However, by breaking these documents down into specific and focused targets, writing becomes much easier because it has purpose and direction.  The first step requires a change of perspective. Before you begin writing, it is imperative to get into the mindset of the employer you will be submitting your resume and cover letter to. To do this, you have to understand that they utilize your professional documents to assess and determine what many human resource professionals call the “K.S.A.E”, or, your applicable knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences. Knowledge encompasses your familiarity with your field and the ability to apply what you know effectively. Skills and abilities refer to the field-specific hard skills you can contribute and the soft-skills you have to support those skills. Experience factors in professional, work, volunteer, and educational experience that has helped you develop the various professional, soft, and transferable skills that you can utilize in the field.  Thus, the next step is to do your research on their website and within the specific job description to determine their position specific “wants” and “needs”, or, the specific K.S.A.E they require or prefer. Once you identify these, you have specific talking points that will help guide what you write and ensure that you are focusing precisely on the content that will sell you.


Next, you have to understand the purpose of each document in comparison to one another and how they support your job search. The resume, in its simplest form, is not a regurgitation of your work history. Rather, it is your own personally branded marketing flyer. Here is an interesting way to think about it: If you go to the pharmacy to purchase medicine to help a cough you more-than-likely would not buy an antacid. That is because antacid does not treat or help the specific symptoms you have and would ultimately be a waste of your time and money. Instead, you would look for a medicine with specific keywords on the label, such as “cough-suppressant”, “decongestant”, “mucus reliever” etc., because those types of medicines will target your symptoms and will meet your needs. Many recent graduates assume that because they have their degree they are automatically qualified for a position, but that is not the case. Just like our example, where not every medicine is the right medicine for the problem, not every candidate is the right one for the job. When looking at candidates, an employer is looking to invest their time and money in the one who best meets their needs.

In conjunction with the resume, the cover letter provides a job-seeker the opportunity to add a more human and personal introduction to who they are as a professional, as a means to entice the employer to refer to their resume and consider you for an interview. It should not repeat what is on your resume; instead, the cover letter expands on it, incorporating additional skills and character traits. Whereas the resume is a streamlined marketing flyer of your K.S.A.E., the cover letter is your means to pitch yourself and why you are qualified for the job.

One of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make is taking a lazy approach in developing their professional documents. This includes “blanket bombing” employers with the exact same resume and cover letter for every single document. This strategy will only lead to disappointment and missed opportunities. Your resume and cover letters are fluid documents that need to adapt to each individual job because each has their own unique criteria, job requirements, and desired K.S.A.E. By tailoring your documents, you will more successfully be able to demonstrate to employers that you are the precise qualified candidate they are seeking. Additionally, it demonstrates that you are willing to put forth effort and critical thinking, two indicators of your potential future success with their organization.

Lastly, get out of the mindset that resumes and cover letters are “one-and-done” documents. You cannot expect to sit and type up a resume and cover letter in one quick sitting. Both take patience and at least two drafting sessions, starting with a “vomit draft” where you brainstorm and get your ideas out and cultivated through careful review and polishing to develop finalized professional documents. It is important to remember that during the job search, perception is reality. What an employer sees is what they assume they will get. Before formally uploading or submitting your final resume and cover letter, be sure to take some time to reflect and consider what impression your documents are making. Do they have purpose and job specific K.S.A.E.? Do they present you as a competent and likable professional in your field? Do they sell you? Remember, a resume and cover letter with direction will allow you to focus on the talking points that will help you stand out and show the employer you are the right person for the job.

Samantha Shallcross – Student Highlight

Samantha Shallcross - Student Highlight
First time college student Sam Shallcross began Dental Assisting classes in August at Ohio Valley College of Technology. Sam is a 2019 graduate of Ambridge High School where she was active in concert, marching, jazz, and steel band. Sam chose to attend OVCT because of the “small classes, more one-on-one experience, and family environment.” Sam says that she always wanted to help people and her career choice gave her the opportunity to do that.  She says she wants to be able to “make people feel better especially when they don’t want to be there (at the dentist).”

When asked about her experience so far at OVCT, Sam says that she loves both Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Stine and that her favorite class is Student Success Strategies, because what they have done in class is “relatable to me.”  Sam’s ideal job after graduation is to work as an Orthodontist Assistant. In five years, she plans to be working in that position.  She also hopes to be married, starting a family, and to have dogs and a home of her own.

Sam says that she would recommend OVCT to a friend (and already has) because “it is such a great family environment and welcoming environment.”

Jenny Carroll – Faculty Highlight

Ohio Valley College of Technology Anatomy & Physiology instructor Jenny Carroll has been at OVCT for just over a year.  Prior to joining the OVCT faculty, Ms. Carroll was the Sports Director at the Salem Community Center.  A Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), she has a Bachelor of Science degree from Marietta College and a Master of Education degree from Heidelberg College, where she previously worked as a softball coach.

Jenny Carroll-Faculty Highlight

Ms. Carroll says that she chose to work at OVCT because “I wanted a rewarding job in which I could apply my degrees and I also wanted the opportunity to work alongside Mr. (James) Kerr.”  Her favorite part of working at OVCT is the people. “From the employees to the students, you would be hard-pressed to find a better group of people.  Everyone is so supportive, helpful and encouraging,” she says.  While she hasn’t been on campus very long, Jenny says that her favorite memory so far was having her first lecture class this summer in addition to lab courses. “It’s something I definitely won’t soon forget!”

Jenny has always had an inner need to succeed and do the best that she can in every aspect of her life.  From sports to academics and beyond, this need has pushed her to her limits and helped her achieved things she never thought possible. Ms. Carroll is most proud of her athletic and academic accomplishments throughout high school and college.  She was recognized as an Academic All-American and Athletic All-American finalist, All-Region First Team and All-Conference First Team during her time at Marietta College.  All of this was accomplished after several reconstructive surgeries that could have easily de-railed her playing career.  Her athletic accomplishments led her to being named a proud member of the Beaver Local High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

Outside of campus, Jenny really enjoys traveling.  She is always up for seeing new places and trying something new.  Interestingly, she played softball in Germany and the Netherlands after finishing her college career!  Jenny says that she is “very excited to have been given the opportunity to work at OVCT and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Stephanie Moore – Student Highlight

Known for her exceptional work ethic and friendly smile, Medical Assisting student Stephanie Moore is leaving her mark at OVCT. In addition to her studies, she is a Federal Work Study and the Vice President of the Student Government Association.

Stephanie Moore - Student Highlight

Before attending OVCT, Stephanie went to a large online university for Forensic Science. However, she felt that the online experience “wasn’t great” and that it just wasn’t for her. At that time she was a stay at home mother and wanted something more for her life and her family’s future. She aspired to help people and be “a part of something bigger…to make a difference” and found the opportunity to do that in OVCT’s Medical Assisting program. Stephanie said she chose OVCT because “it made me feel like home. I felt wanted here and I knew I was going to need someone in my corner to succeed”

With less than a year left before graduation, Stephanie is thrilled to be completing her hands-on clinical courses. Her favorite part of attending OVCT has been her instructors and that OVCT is one big family and community. She loves that the instructors and staff genuinely care and will go above and beyond to help. She feels as though making friends has been exceptionally easy and that she has made friends that will last a lifetime.

When reflecting on the teachers she’s had Stephanie says, “I don’t think I can choose a favorite instructor. They have all been extremely encouraging.  I have so much respect for every single one of them.” She feels as though each instructor offers a unique perspective that has helped her learn and grow. Although it was difficult to pick a favorite instructor, she was quickly able to pick a favorite class, “My favorite class is Clinical. I love the information and hands-on experiences we receive”.

Upon graduation, Stephanie would love to work as a Medical Assistant in a Podiatrist’s or Orthopedic Surgeon’s office. She feels these would be a great way to fuse her passions for helping people, medical science, and fascination with bones and the skeletal system. Five years from now, she would like to be growing in her career and enjoying life with her family.

When asked if she would refer OVCT to a friend, she enthusiastically said “Absolutely! I do all the time. The skills you learn here and the time spent here is like no other. OVCT is so unique and one of a kind. You can’t get this amazing experience anywhere else.”

The Value of a Two-Year Business Degree

In today’s world, business is everywhere. From your local coffee shop, to global corporations, our world runs on businesses and the products, services, and experiences they offer.

How do businesses keep their operations running smoothly? How do they ensure their customers are happy? How do they know if they’re making a profit? The answer to all these questions is the business professionals working daily to help these companies succeed.

All types of businesses need trained professionals with the right combination of education, skills, and experience. Earning a two year business degree can give you exactly what businesses are looking for in employees and get you in your career faster. Keep reading to find out the top benefits of earning a two year business degree!

Put Your Business Career On The Fast Track

One benefit of earning a two year business degree, as opposed to a four year degree, is that you get into your career faster. Since you finish your degree more quickly, you get the opportunity to start earning income sooner.

The Value of a Two-Year Business Degree

When earning an associate degree in business, you typically don’t waste time taking classes you don’t need. For example, at OVCT, our classes are designed to give you exactly what you need to start your business career. You save time and money by taking only the classes you need.

A two year degree in business can jump start your career by giving you a competitive edge when applying for jobs. With an associate degree, you will stand out from candidates who have no degree.

Learn Business Fundamentals

Learning the business fundamentals that companies use to operate is another valuable benefit to earning a two year business degree. With classes focused on business, you learn exactly what you need in order to enter the workforce.

Because most types of companies operate with the same business fundamentals, you can use this knowledge for a variety of careers and can work in many different industries. Technology, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, small business, education, and hospitality, as well as governments and nonprofits, all need business professionals in order to operate.

Gain Hands-On Skills

Since a two year business degree is more career focused, you learn the hands-on skills needed for real jobs. Today’s businesses want to hire people who are job ready and can jump right in.

As part of the OVCT business administration associate degree program, students learn hands-on skills that employers value, including managing an office, supervising personnel, understanding accounting, managing employee payroll, marketing and advertising, sales and customer service techniques, and working with computer databases and spreadsheets.

You also get the opportunity to practice essential soft skills needed for working in the business world, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, adaptability to change, creativity, and people skills.

Increased Career Opportunities

Today’s business employers need job candidates who can jump right in and get the job done. By earning an associate degree in business administration, you will qualify for more jobs, increasing your career opportunities.

Our business administration program at OVCT prepares students for a variety of jobs, such as sales associate, customer service, bookkeeping, associate level management, and marketing data collection and analysis.

Utilize Career Support

When you earn a two year business degree, you have the ability to build relationships with teachers and other students to expand your professional network, which is very helpful when applying for jobs.

You can also receive resume, interview, and job application help. At OVCT, we provide career placement assistance to students, utilizing our positive relationships with local employers.

Get Started Today

Are you ready to start down the path to a successful career with a two year business degree? Request information now to get started today!

Graduation 2019

Graduation signifies the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It is a time of reflection and celebration. Graduates reflect on the obstacles they had to overcome, the things that led them to that spot in their life, and the different roads they took to get there. After many months, late nights, externships, and clinical hours they finally get to celebrate their new destination in life.

These individuals have taken on many names in their lives. They have been called things like son, daughter, husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, friend, and classmate. For many months now they have been “student.” It is with great pride and pleasure, OVCT can now call these individuals “graduates”.

Graduation 2019

On August 16, 2019, there were many smiling faces at OVCT’s graduation ceremony, not just the graduates but also their instructors and program directors.

“Besides orientation, graduation is my favorite time of year! It’s when we get to all come together and recognize the amazing journey these students have taken. As a fellow graduate, it’s a sense of pride in welcoming these graduates as new alumni! I want to send a special shout out to our recent Business graduates as it’s my first group that I’ve mentored from day one until graduation as the Business Director! I’m so thankful to have met all of our students and now graduates!! I can’t wait to see all of their amazing accomplishments in life!!”  says Mr. Ream

This group of individuals consists of business professionals, dental assistants, medical office administrators like billers and coders, medical assistants, and Registered Nurses.

Graduation was held at East Liverpool High School’s auditorium and honored over a hundred Ohio Valley College of Technology graduates. One program director stated that they “loved seeing the support the grads had! There were so many people that we ran out of seats. That says a lot!”

“My favorite part of graduation was being there for students on their first day of class and then getting to watch them walk across the stage and receive their degrees. I remember one student, in particular. She came to our campus right before the Holidays (2017)  with her little baby who was only two months old. Now, her daughter who is not even two years old, was in the auditorium and saw her mom in her cap and gown to receive her degree from Mr. Rogers.” says one of OVCT’s Admissions Advisors.

Following the graduation ceremony was the Nursing Pinning Ceremony for the Class of 2019. Nursing graduates were accompanied by selected family and friends to receive their nursing pin. Mrs. Tammy Clutter, RN, MSN shared the history of the nursing pin and what the colors signified.  Afterward, nursing graduates stood in their white uniforms and took the Nightingale Pledge.

The following graduates received awards in recognition of their academic and clinical achievements:

Academic Excellence Award

Lucas Ramsey

Clinical Excellence Award

Joshua Underwood

Florence Nightingale Award

Martha Shackelford

Ohio Valley College of Technology wants to recognize the graduates who maintained a GPA of 4.00 throughout their program of study.

Business Administration:

Kaleigh Bosel

Breanna Kelly

Samantha Riggs

Dental Assisting:

Kathaleen Mangus

Medical Assisting:

Nicole Alexander

Katherine Dentz

Shanon Geer

Leah Kelly

Stefanie Masters

Medical Office Administration:

Jennifer Detore

Shandra Garey

Maggie Graham

Lianne McCoy

Erin Stoddard

Hailey Thomas


Lucas Ramsey

A Conversation with Beth Adkins of East Liverpool Medical Group

East Liverpool Medical Group
Beth Adkins, Office Manager of East Liverpool Medical Group (l) with OVCT Medical Assisting student Leah Kelly, who is completing her externship at the office.

Ohio Valley College of Technology recently sat down with Beth Adkins, Office Manager for East Liverpool Medical Group in Calcutta, Ohio. Ms. Adkins oversees medical assisting externships for OVCT students at this local medical practice, which has been in operation for the past thirteen years. East Liverpool Medical Group is also affiliated with East Liverpool City Hospital.

Ms. Adkins says that there is always a need for healthcare, whether to help already sick patients or for preventative and wellness care. She states that “healthcare is ever changing and people are living longer and are more educated on their health.” OVCT externs gain valuable exposure to various medical procedures with hands-on experience at East Liverpool Medical Group.  Further, Ms. Adkins reports that East Liverpool Medical Group values having OVCT students complete their externship at the facility, because it gives them the opportunity to train the future employment pool. “We also get to know possible job candidates and can recommend them to human resources,” she states. 

According to Ms. Adkins, East Liverpool Medical Group continues to grow and build their patient base by filling a great need in the local, underserved community. To future students, she says, “College is a financial endeavor that requires dedication and focus. Keep your eye on the prize. Students should be goal-oriented and take pride in their accomplishments.” Ms. Adkins concludes with these words of wisdom for students entering college in 2019-2020. “Be a loyal student, which in turn makes you a loyal employee in the future. Show respect to others throughout the process and never burn bridges. Hard work pays off!”

For more information about OVCT’s fast track associate degree programs, and to become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant or Certified Billing and Coding Specialist, call 330-385-1070 or request information by clicking here.