Amberly Bracken – Student Highlight

Amberly Bracken is a new nursing student at Ohio Valley College of Technology. She lives with her boyfriend, Steve, and her two cats and two dogs. When she is not in class, you can find Amberly exploring the outdoors, traveling, or spending time with family, friends, or her pets. She has been to four different countries and loves to bake.

As a child, Amberly dreamt of being a NASCAR driver. As an adult, she now dreams of starting her career in nursing. Prior to starting the Nursing program at OVCT, Amberly was a Medical Insurance Authorization Specialist who worked specifically with Medicaid. This opportunity sparked her interest in the medical field. However, she knew she was interested in pursuing an education and career where she could work hands-on with patients.  An interesting fact, many years ago, Amberly used to work for and with OVCT’s Campus President, Courtney Martin, as a Sales Representative with Signet Jewelers, LLC.

Ms. Bracken chose OVCT because “it was direct admission, I heard great things from former students, it was close to home, and because it was the only school that had evening classes so that I could still work and go to school.”  I chose nursing because I lost my dad to a medical error last year and it is really important that I am a great nurse so that no one has to go through what I did.” She is passionate about patient and family advocacy and is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of excellence in her school work and as she transitions into a nursing career.

Although she has only been a student since August, Amberly has come to love “how open the teachers are and how they want you to succeed.”  She has already made many great friends that will last a lifetime. She particularly enjoys Ms. Carroll and Mr. Kerr. “I have learned so much from Mr. Kerr and Ms. Carroll in such a short time. They have been so great and helpful.”  Amberly’s enthusiasm and passion for her studies are infectious. You can always find her with a smile on her face, a positive attitude, and words of encouragement.

Faculty and staff are excited to watch her pursue her dreams and hope she achieves great success.

To learn more about OVCT’s nursing program, request information here!

The Best Time to Start a College Degree Program is Now

Our lives have changed tremendously as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people have lost their jobs and some are still adapting to homeschooling their children, while others are experiencing a variety of other changes.

For people who have faced disruptions to their jobs this year, making a decision on the next best move can be challenging, especially because things are still so uncertain. You may be unsure of how to begin a new career that is more secure or what the best options are to train for a new career.

Despite things being a little overwhelming, taking the next step in your career will help you get ahead and reach your goals faster. Whether you want to start a career as an essential healthcare worker or as a business professional, now is the right time to begin a college degree program, and this week we will be sharing the main reasons behind that!

Train for A New Career

During this pandemic we have learned which jobs are essential and being a healthcare worker is one of the most important categories for essential work. Those who are working in healthcare are on the front lines and fighting for everyone’s health and safety. Doctors, medical assistants, nurses, administrative professionals, and many others in the healthcare field have dedicated their lives to helping those affected by the pandemic.

Business professionals have also played a valuable role in navigating through the pandemic, as they manage other essential businesses like banks and food service, and work to keep the economy moving forward.

When you enroll in a college degree program for healthcare or business, and start a job in one of these essential industries, you will enjoy increased job security and have the opportunity to help people on a daily basis and make a difference in their lives.

Finish Your Degree Sooner

One great reason to start your college degree program right now is that the sooner you begin working toward your degree, the sooner you will be able to complete the program. Taking this next step may feel a little overwhelming, and you may also feel unprepared, but the longer you wait to start earning your degree, the longer it will be before you begin your new career.

Beginning your career sooner will allow you to start working and earning sooner. With each passing day, you are losing money that you could have earned if you had made the decision to start earning your college degree now and start your career faster.

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, our college degree programs are created to help you jump start your new career. Our career-focused degree programs are completed within 24 months as you prepare for a career in the medical or business field much more quickly than with traditional university options.

Stay Closer to Home

While the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, many people are nervous about making the decision to go away for college. Being far from the support of family and interacting with people from other places are some major concerns right now.

Despite these concerns, there are still opportunities to advance your career by starting a college degree program that is closer to home. Selecting a program that will allow you to complete your college classes within a small-school environment that is closer to home, will help provide peace of mind for you and some of the concerns you may have. This also gives you more help from family and friends as your main support systems at home.

Being closer to home and attending a smaller school will also present you with the opportunity to network and develop positive relationships in your local community, as well as with potential employers. At Ohio Valley College of Technology, students complete real-life externships and clinicals at local employers and facilities, providing you with opportunities to grow relationships and gain important experience.

Start Your Career Training at United

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, we are committed to your success during your enrollment as a student, and after graduation. Completing your degree in a family atmosphere that provides you with a supportive learning environment will help you excel in your exciting new career. With student services like academic advising, career advising, and personal advising, we encourage and empower you to reach your full potential.

Explore our career-focused college degree programs in Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Business Administration now and request information to get started today!

Kim Campbell – Student Highlight

On campus, Medical Office Administration student, Kimberly Campbell, is a familiar face. As the Vice President of OVCT’s Student Government Association, she plays an active role on campus and within the community. She has been recognized by her teachers and peers for going above and beyond to foster OVCT’s WE CARE values and to make all feel like an important part of the OVCT family.

Prior to starting her college career at OVCT, Kim was a decal printer at Homer Laughlin China Company for over 23 years. She knew she wanted something close to home and had heard many great things about the school from her cousin who was already a student. Her career ambition was to get out of factory work and acquire an office and medical focused career. After speaking with Admission’s Advisor, Donna, Kim realized that Medical Office Administration was the perfect fast-paced program for her. “I decided to pursue Medical Office Administration because I wanted to know how things are done behind the scene” She was eager to learn more about insurance verification and processing, how coding and billing is conducted and for what purpose, and how office personnel plays a critical role in an effective medical office.

It was not long after starting at OVCT that Kim joined Student Government. “Student Government is a great way to get involved and meet people. I like planning stuff with others and seeing it through. We have so much fun and I especially love the opportunities to help others”. Her favorite memory of OVCT “was the huge crowd of 200+ people that came through the school for our 2019 Community Holiday Party. I could not believe how many cookies and cocoa we went through and how many people we made smile!”

However, Kim’s favorite part of OVCT are all of the people she has met. “They lift you up even on your worst day. They find a way to make you feel better.” When asked who her favorite teacher is, she stated “I love all of them! Every single teacher goes above and beyond.” Further, she shared about her favorite class. “My favorite classes, although they are challenging, are Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Coding.”

Kim’s career goals are to finish her Medical Office Administration training, earn her Associate Degree, and obtain her certification as a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist. From there she looks forward to starting her career at a local office or hospital.

Kim loves heavy metal music, going to concerts and the zoo, and crafting. She is the mother of a teenage daughter who is a junior at Oak Glen. She feels OVCT has become a significant part of her identity and has forever impacted the course of her life. Her advice to new students: “ask questions, get to know your teachers, get involved with student government, step out of your comfort zone, and remember everyone here has been where you are.”

To learn more about OVCT’s fast-track programs, request information here!

The Benefits of Choosing a Small College

You have a clear idea of your chosen career path, so now it’s time to make that vision a reality. For almost every profession, some training will be required.

There is a wide list of options for where you can attend college and complete a training program for your new career path. You could choose from a larger university, online school options, or a smaller college. These various options will offer a different experience for students while they are learning and completing their classes.

For many people, selecting a small school can be a major factor in their career success story as they complete their program and after graduation. Read on to learn more as we share the top benefits of selecting a smaller college to earn your degree and prepare for a new career path.

Small Class Sizes

A main benefit of attending a smaller school to earn your college degree are the class sizes. There are typically fewer students in each class in a small-school setting. That means you won’t have to sit in a large lecture hall filled with 300+ people while listening to the lecturer for a long period of time.

Being in a small-school setting will allow you to be more interactive with your teachers and classmates, with the opportunity to ask questions and participate more. You will be a name, and not only a number to your teachers.

If you choose a career-focused college degree program that trains you to work in a specific field, such as the Medical Assisting program here at OVCT, you will enjoy a more practical experience, allowing you to practice the hands-on skills that will be valuable while working in your chosen career field.

Students who attend OVCT to help them prepare for a new career will also complete an externship or clinical experience, allowing you to use the skills you have learned in the real world.

Personalized Attention

Another great benefit of earning your degree at a small school is that you will get more personalized attention, which will be helpful as you work to complete your program.

In many larger university programs, you are sitting in a class, blending in with hundreds of people, and you get very limited interaction with the instructor because they just don’t have time to connect with all students. However, in a small-school environment, you will receive the one-on-one interaction that’s needed to answer all your questions and help guide you to better solutions.

At a small college, the instructors are also more readily available outside of classroom hours, so you can get direct help and assistance if needed.

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, we offer our students a small-college experience. You’ll feel like you are part of a family that ensures you get the care and personalized attention needed to succeed in your career. With our WE CARE student experience, your instructors will offer help and support to empower you along the way.

Student Support

As a student attending a small college, another great benefit is that you will receive any additional help and support you need as you complete your college classes. At OVCT, we offer academic support like tutoring and study skills to help you do your best in your college classes.

Along with academic support, career services are also a terrific advantage of attending a small school. They help with aspects including creating your resume and cover letter, practicing interviews, and expanding your options for job interviews. These are just a few of the services offered at OVCT.

For students who select a small-school learning environment, there is endless opportunity to build memorable relationships with other students and engage with your instructors. This provides a stronger support system for you to complete your college degree while preparing you for a new career path. Smaller colleges also give students the option to stay closer to home and receive additional support from family and friends, which is important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join the OVCT Family

If you’re looking for a small college to help propel you toward your successful career, then OVCT may be the perfect choice for you. We have a supportive family environment that provides you with the necessary degree, skills, and certifications to be successful in your exciting new career.

Explore our college degree programs in Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Business Administration. Request information now to get started today!

Thresea Gilchrist – Student Highlight

Medical Assisting student, Thresea Gilchrist, is the current president of Ohio Valley College of Technology’s Student Government Association. She is a true leader on campus, going above and beyond to help her classmates, serve her community, and make the college going experience special for all students. She has lead fundraisers to aid students in need, created special events, and fostered a student environment of support and kindness.

Prior to attending OVCT, Thresea completed a semester at Jefferson Community College and was working as a customer resource coordinator for Change Inc. She possesses significant experience as a care aid and has always had a passion for serving and helping others. She heard about Ohio Valley College of Technology through her co-worker, Lavern Landess, who had recently attended OVCT and graduated from the Medical Assisting program.

After learning about Lavern’s training and speaking with admissions, Thresea was interested in earning her nationally recognized certification as a Certified Medical Assistant to add to her experience as a trained clinical assistant. She liked that the medical assisting program is an associate degree program but also provides the training and opportunity to become certified.

When asked what her favorite part of OVCT is, Thresea stated that she loves the small class sizes, that classes work on a six-week module schedule, the caring faculty and staff, and most importantly, the family she has gained through classmates and instructors. When asked who her favorite teacher is, she says that “all the teachers I have had have been my favorite. They are professional, funny, and really truly care and are willing to go above and beyond to help you succeed.”

Upon graduation, Thresea hopes to work as a medical assistant at Womens’ Health or as a school-based health center. Five years from now she envisions herself finding great success in her career and continued job in her personal life.

When asked if she would refer OVCT to a friend, she said, “Absolutely! I am 58 years old and if I can do it, they can also. Plus, OVCT has made this entire experience exciting and rewarding.”

To learn more about OVCT’s career training programs, request information here!

How to Choose the Right College Degree for You

We’re more likely to thrive at things we are passionate about doing, so choosing a career path that is similar to our passion, will help set the stage for a better and more fulfilling career. However, there are so many career options to choose from, and things can become overwhelming as you try to make the best selection.

Determining your career path is important, so setting time aside to plan your career goals and find out what is needed, as well as searching for the best college degree that suits your needs, are necessary steps to take, to get you into your dream job. This week, we will review the steps to take to help you make these important decisions and weigh your thoughts as you go.

Set Your Career Goals

The first step is to figure out exactly what your career goals are. You may have a goal in mind, like starting a job as a medical practitioner, or you may need further guidance to help you figure things out. For the undecided, here are some questions to help create your own career goals, personalized just for you.

  • Why do you want to start a new career? Think about what is driving your passion for a career in the specific field you’ve chosen. Are you motivated by your family and friends? Do you want to improve your lifestyle or way of living for yourself or your family? Are you naturally self-motivated and driven? Or perhaps, there are other reasons?
  • What are you looking for in a new career? To determine goals that fit you, it is important to note what you want from your career path. Do you want a higher salary and better job security? Do you need more a flexible time frame to work and enjoy life? Are you motivated to be in a field where you get to help others? Would you prefer work at home options?
  • What areas are you interested in? Do you already possess a specific talent that will help you on your career path? Understanding your interests will help you get clear on what you will excel at doing. Perhaps you are tech-savvy? Or do you prefer interactions and conversing with others? Whatever your choice, choose something that you are naturally good at doing.
  • Do you plan to continue advancing your career? Planning how you will reach your desired career goals will help you advance in the future. For example, you can start with entry-level roles and then work your way up the ladder.
  • Where do you want to be in five years? You now have a clear idea of where you currently stand. Thinking about where you want to go will help you create a vision for where you would like to be in the long run. Whether it is a new car, a dream home, or the perfect vacation, creating those visuals will continue to spark your interest along the way.

Once you are finished jotting down your answers, you should be on the right track to creating a future you would like for yourself. Always remember that career goals should be SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Check out this example of a SMART career goal: I want to start a career as a medical assistant in East Liverpool within two years.

Determine Your Needs

So, you’ve successfully determined your goals, and it’s time to figure out what is needed to achieve them. Every career field is different and requires different types of training and degrees to help you meet your goals.

For this step, take a look at the job descriptions for the career you are interested in pursuing. If you want to become a medical assistant, look at the current vacancies within your city for this role. What educational background do they require? Will you need a license or other certification? Do they require previous experience?  Once you have checked out some of the job descriptions and requirements, make a list of things that stood out. The list of educational backgrounds, certifications or licenses, and prior experience is exactly what you need to qualify for the job.

Although it is important to make note of the credentials needed, it is equally important to know what path works best for you. Here are some additional questions to help you figure this out.

  • What is your learning style? We all grasp information in different ways and the way we best retain this information identifies our specific learning style. Some people learn better when they hear a topic, and others learn more when they are reading in a quiet space. There are also people who learn better with the practical approach of physically completing a task themselves. Finding your learning style will help improve your college degree and career training choices.
  • What is your personality type? Personality traits also impact how we retain information. Think about taking a personality test, such as the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. This can help you learn more about yourself and help you as you work toward reaching your career goals.

You now have the necessary checklist to evaluate the variety of career training programs and college degrees needed for your new career.

Research College Degree Options

Exploring the various college degree and training options is the next step now that you know what you need from a program. Research the many options available and choose the one that best suits your needs. In order to determine the best option, you need to assess programs that will help you meet your career goals and requirements.

  • Does the program train you for the specific job you want? Remember that list you made based on what employers are looking for in their job descriptions? Here is where it comes in handy. Use the list and compare it with the training programs you are evaluating. Does it provide you with the knowledge and skills required? Does it include certification preparation? Does the length of the program work with your career goals?
  • Is the school aligned with your needs? The next step is to determine if the college will be the best institution to meet your needs. Here are a few questions that you can ask. Is there a dedicated admissions advisor that will help guide you in the application process? Are there resources such as financial aid or grant opportunities? Does the style of teaching align with your learning style? Does the school offer personalized instruction?
  • What support is offered to students? Finally, you need find out how the school will support you as a student, once you have completed your career training, and if you require future assistance. There are a few questions to ask. Do students receive additional help if needed? Are there any resources that will continue to be offered even after graduating? Are there career services that will help students get a job once they complete their program?

As you go through the options, weigh the pros and cons by creating a list that will help you decide. Once you have completed the evaluation for your college degree options, you can confidently select the one that will provide you a more successful path to your career goals.

Get Started Today

You’re all set with your career goals, your specific needs, and your chosen college degree program, so you’re ready to get started! If you want to start an exciting new career in healthcare or business, Ohio Valley College of Technology may be the perfect choice for you. We offer career-focused college degrees in Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Business Administration.

Contact us at (330) 385-1070 or request information today and one of our friendly admissions advisors will help create a career plan designed just for you!

Providing Quality Front Office Customer Service From An OVCT Point of View

By: Katie Lowe

Hello Friends! It’s Katie Lowe, OVCT’s Front Office Administrative Assistant. You may remember me from “Where is Katie Lowe?”, a series of blogs I did while I was attending OVCT as a business administration student. I have made the transition from business administration graduate to Administrative Assistant here at OVCT, and I am so happy! I get to see all of my favorite people every single day and I have no words to describe my excitement from the experiences I have had over the past few years and continue to have here every day and the different things I get to do.

I have been asked to give you a little advice when it comes to working in a customer service position. Here is a small list of tips and tricks that I have picked up on while working in a customer service role here at OVCT.

  1. Many businesses have specific guidelines and expectations for personnel managing the phones. This typically includes a phone script. Although a phone script can be intimidating, remember, it is a useful tool that is there to help you and the person on the other end of the line.

a. When you are given a script to go by, it is basically a guideline that is there to help you steer the conversation, and the person on the line, where they need to go. Depending on the person’s needs on the other side of the line, that script can be altered to fit the conversation at hand. Just so long as you remember the basics of the script or have one handy, like I do, you will be good to go!

  1. Be friendly and kind, ALWAYS!

a. I know, this one is a tough one. We are all human beings with feelings, and sometimes we just don’t feel friendly or have a very sunny disposition depending on what’s going on in our lives, and that’s ok! However, you have to remember, as a customer service representative, or in my case, the receptionist here at OVCT, that you are a face of the company. I am the first person you see when you walk through our front door. I am the first impression and I want to make it count. I will always be kind and I will always smile and be friendly and be happy to talk with you! I love having visitors. It gets a little lonely at the front desk, so I am always happy to see you! I also remember that no matter what I’m going through, be it personal or work-related, that someone somewhere may have it worse than me, and they deserve a little bit of happiness and a smile!

  1. Check-in frequently with your co-workers.

a. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, whether it’s lifting something heavy or getting an opinion on something small. Check-in with your other co-workers frequently to see if they need anything. Even if it’s just once a day, they will really appreciate the gesture. The staff and faculty here at OVCT are almost constantly checking in with each other. As we like to say, we are a family, and we like to make sure that our family is taken care of, and that helps this college run like a well-oiled machine. A machine can’t work without all of its parts!

  1. Be organized and tidy up frequently

a. So I know that everyone’s job at the end of their shift is to clean and put things back in order and things like that for the next shift or next day, but maybe a few more times during your shift, take a look at your work area, or the surrounding areas and see if something needs to be straightened up. My desk can become a terrible mess of things, (my fault 99% of the time). I also share my desk in the front with Rhonda, so there is usually a file that needs to be processed, or a request of some sort that needs to be completed. Just try to keep everything in your area neat and as organized as you can, and clean up the little bit of things that can be cleaned. I’m always straightening chairs and putting things away in different parts of the building. That way, when visitors or new/potential students show up, everything is neat and set up for when they come in!

  1. Take constructive criticism when it is offered!

a. I understand that constructive criticism can be hard to swallow sometimes, but believe me, in the end, it helps a lot! When someone that you work with offers constructive criticism, take it, and work with it! There is always room to improve, and it’s better to hear how you can improve and the areas that need the most work. Without constructive criticism, I wouldn’t be able to improve at my job. I always appreciate the opinions of others that I work with on the ways that I can help improve my performance at the front desk to make not only my area better, but to help improve other areas around the school. If I do my job better and get everything done in a timely manner and to the best of my ability, I can help others around the office, by helping them with some filing, or typing something up, or anything else they might need. That helps them get more done, because it’s one less thing for them to worry about and they can focus more on the task in front of them, which will continue to help the school run like it should.

How to Enroll for Fall Classes

You’ve decided it’s time to make the move into a great career, but where do you begin? What can you do today that will create a better future for you and your family?

There are many benefits to earning a college degree, such as gaining valuable skills, expanded career opportunities, and increased job security. At Ohio Valley College of Technology, our programs are designed to give you the hands-on training and skills needed to excel in your career.

Ready to put your career on the fast track? Fall classes are starting soon, so read on to find out exactly how to get started!

How to Enroll for Fall Classes

In order to enroll for fall classes, you first need to request information, call us at 330-385-1070, or come visit the OVCT campus at 15258 State Route 170, East Liverpool, OH 43920.

Next, you will work with an OVCT Admissions Advisor to guide you through the enrollment process. You will schedule a time to come in for a Career Planning Session to review your career goals, take a tour of the OVCT campus, and meet our faculty.

After your campus visit, you will talk with a Financial Aid Representative, fill out your FAFSA if needed, turn in all required documentation, and get registered for your classes. Congratulations, you are now officially enrolled for classes!

Once you’re registered, we will work with you to make sure you have everything needed to succeed in your classes, including scrubs, books, and other supplies.

Associate Degrees and Professional Certifications

Our associate degree and diploma programs are designed to provide you with the education, experience, and hands-on skills needed to pursue a career in-demand fields.

With our Medical Assisting associate degree, you will prepare for an exciting career as a Medical Assistant and can sit for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant professional certification. You will practice essential skills like taking vital signs, performing lab tests, drawing blood, assisting with simple surgeries, and assisting with heart tests.

The Medical Office Administration associate degree trains students in areas critical to running a medical office, such as performing basic coding, maintaining electronic health records, handling billing, understanding medical terms, and protecting patient privacy. Students are prepared to sit for two valuable certifications, including Certified Billing and Coding Specialist and Certified Medical Administrative Assistant.

As a student in the Dental Assisting associate degree program, you will learn the vital aspects of oral care, including exposing and developing radiographs, assisting a dentist during dental procedures, sterilizing dental instruments and equipment, managing patient records, and mixing dental cements. As part of the program, you will be prepared to sit for the Nationally Registered Certified Dental Assistant professional certification.

In the Business Administration associate degree program, you will gain the business knowledge and skills valued by today’s employers, such as managing an office and supervising personnel, utilizing sales and customer service techniques, managing a small business, understanding accounting, and managing employee payroll. You will be prepared to sit for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification from Certiport.

With our direct admission Nursing degree program, you prepare for a career as a nurse, enabling you to make a difference in people’s lives every day. You will train in crucial areas like nursing values, the nursing process, health promotion and maintenance, therapeutic communication skills, and competent nursing training. With our comprehensive nursing degree program, you will prepare for your nursing boards with classroom learning, our skills laboratory, and in clinical practice settings.

Why Choose Ohio Valley College of Technology

At OVCT, our programs are designed to get you on the fast track to a great career. With student success being a top priority, we offer academic advising, career advising, small class sizes, personalized attention, externships, and short-term programs.

With the associate degree programs at OVCT, you will have the ability to work in places like hospitals, doctor’s offices, medical labs, clinics, long-term care facilities, dentist’s offices, oral surgeon offices, and many types of professional businesses.

Get Started Today

Ready to make your move into a great career you will love? Fall classes are starting soon, so request information now to get started today!

Lori Allmon – Faculty Highlight

Meet Lori Allmon, OVCT’s Nursing Clinical Coordinator. She has been a part of the OVCT family since February 2017 and has developed so many opportunities for nursing students to complete their clinical rotations with some of the best hospitals and medical facilities in the tri-state area. Lori possesses a wealth of experience. She was a critical care nurse for 10 years at East Liverpool City Hospital and Salem Community Hospital, an adult education instructor for 9 years at Columbiana County Career and Technical Center, a nurse health advisor for 4 years with Cigna Health Care, a home health RN for 4 years with Soleus Home Care, and a staff RN for 3 years at Heritage Valley Heart and Vascular Center. In addition to her healthcare and nursing experience, she also possesses her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Mountain State University (2012), a Certificate in Legal Nurse Consulting from Kent State University (2001), and an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Nursing from Kent State University (1986).

Ms. Allmon chose to join OVCT’s nursing team because she has always had a special interest in education. “I love to learn and I love to teach others. I also have a strong desire for being a professional role model for our current and future generation(s) of nurses. I was also looking for somewhere close, that I could finish out my nursing career and retire from. OVCT is meeting all of these needs!” When asked what her favorite part of working at OVCT is, she states “It is the relationships, as well as seeing each individual student grow from the start to finish. The personal relationships that I have developed with colleagues, makes most days not seem like a ‘job’. It is also personally satisfying when you are involved in the process of students meeting their goal of becoming a registered nurse.” Her dedication to student learning, growth, and success is evident in all that she does.

Lori’s greatest motivators are her two adult daughters. “No matter what age you are, or what stage of your life that you are in, I think most of us can say that we can always improve in areas of our life. Over time, I have seen them both use their past mistakes and wisdom to continually improve in every aspect of their lives. We start out teaching our children and then before you know it, they are on the flip side of the equation. I have learned so much from them. My girls have inspired me tremendously and continue to do so!”

Lori is most proud of the fact that she has been a registered nurse for almost thirty-four years. “Being part of a profession that is rated by our fellow Americans as highest in honesty and ethics is very rewarding.”

When Ms. Allmon is not teaching or on campus, she loves enjoying the outdoors and nature. “I spend the majority of my time outside during the summer, gardening, and relaxing in the pool. I also enjoy reading and listening to music. My all-time favorite activity is spending time with my family. I have two grandchildren that bring a lot of joy to my life!”

An interesting fact about Lori is that she married her high school sweetheart in 1986. She was also a cheerleader and gymnast all of her life and used to be able to do a back handspring on a narrow balance beam. She admits that when she was younger she could never be beaten at a limbo contest!

To learn more about OVCT’s Nursing program and to meet Lori yourself, request information here!

How To Start Your Journey to Become A Medical Assistant

You’ve made the important decision for the career path you want to pursue and have decided to become a medical assistant. Congratulations on choosing medical assisting as an exciting new career!

Now that you’ve chosen your dream job, it’s time to plan your path to get there. Many healthcare employers require you to have some combination of education, skills, experience, and certifications to get hired as a medical assistant.

Medical assistants are important members of the healthcare team and provide hands-on patient care, so healthcare employers must ensure these professionals are well trained and qualified to perform the specific job duties.

With many years of experience educating and training students to become medical assisting professionals, OVCT knows just what you need to do to start your journey to becoming a medical assistant.

Enroll in a Medical Assisting Degree Program

Healthcare jobs are more specialized now than in the past, and each member of the healthcare team must be trained in exactly what they will be doing while on the job. This specialized knowledge and training helps ensure that patients receive high-quality care and positive patient experience.

Due to this need for specialized training, many healthcare employers want candidates to attend healthcare training programs designed for each specific position. For those who want to become a medical assistant, this means enrolling in a medical assisting program that prepares you with the knowledge and skills you will need once you begin your career.

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, our Medical Assisting program trains students to excel in this exciting healthcare career. After students complete their medical assisting degree, they’re prepared to work in medical facilities like hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, chiropractor’s offices, and more.

Learn Hands-On Skills and Gain Experience

In addition to completing a Medical Assisting degree program, you will need to learn the hands-on skills that medical assisting professionals use on a daily basis in their careers. Most of us have probably interacted with medical assistants at some point while receiving patient care at a medical facility, so we all know the importance of these professionals being well trained. You would not want someone drawing blood from you who has never performed the procedure before.

This is why it’s so important for these valuable healthcare professionals to learn a variety of hands-on skills and gain experience using them while completing medical assisting classes.

While enrolled in OVCT’s Medical Assisting degree program, students learn many valuable hands-on skills that they will use in their careers. Taking vital signs, assisting with physical exams, performing lab tests, drawing blood, and assisting with simple surgeries are some of the hands-on skills students will learn how to perform.

In addition to practicing these valuable skills in their medical assisting classes, OVCT students also have the opportunity to gain experience in real-world situations with an externship. Students will complete an externship as part of their medical assisting training, providing actual experience that will set you up for success when it’s time to apply for jobs, and start your career. This real-world experience is great to add to your resume and can set you apart from other candidates when applying for medical assisting positions.

Prepare for Industry Certification

Healthcare employers want candidates to have the necessary education, skills, and experience, but many also require medical assisting professionals to become certified. Gaining a professional healthcare industry certification shows potential employers that you are qualified to perform your specific job.

Certifications are created by organizations that set certain standards for the knowledge and skills that someone must have in order to become certified. Due to these high-quality standards that are set, employers know that people who have earned the certification have met the required standards. This makes those who hold healthcare industry certifications more valuable to employers, because they know these candidates can get the job done.

Our Medical Assisting program at OVCT is designed to prepare students to sit for the National Healthcareer Association’s Certified Clinical Medical Assistant* certification. Earning this valuable certification by preparing and sitting for the exam shows that you have the knowledge and skills to succeed as a medical assistant.

Start Your Journey Today With OVCT

Now you know what you need to do to start your journey to become a medical assistant, so you’re ready to get started! Choosing a medical assisting degree program that can help provide you with the education, training, skills, experience, and certification to succeed in your career can be a hard decision. You may have questions or be unsure of what to do next, so let our admissions advisors at OVCT help you create a plan that works for you.

With small class sizes, a personalized learning environment, student support, and career services, we may be the perfect choice for you to achieve your dream of becoming a medical assistant.

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*Certification is contingent on passing the corresponding certification exam. Required/included in tuition/fees.