What Should High School Seniors Be Doing Now?

Being a senior in high school is a wonderful experience with school dances, holiday breaks, and classes with your friends. You are close to the finish line and have made it so far!

Coming to the end of one journey and preparing for the next can be overwhelming and a little scary for many high schoolers. As graduations gets closer, the essential question to ask yourself is, what will I do after high school?

Deciding to continue your education by earning a college degree is a terrific investment in your future. Earning a higher salary and increased job security are just a few of the benefits of continuing your education beyond high school. With the many options available, how can you choose the right path for you? And what things can you do now to set yourself up for success after high school? Read on for our top tips for what high school seniors should be doing!

Research Schools and Programs

As a high school senior, the first thing you need to do is research the programs and schools that you’re interested in. To help guide you to the school that’s right for you, look through each school’s website, check out their social media pages, read online reviews, and talk with representatives that come to your high school. This should give you a good feel for the various school options.

Deciding on the right program for you is equally important as choosing the right school. To help make this decision, ask yourself key questions such as what type of career do you want, how quickly do you want to begin your career, and what learning style works best for you? Your answers will help direct you toward the program that’s best for you.

For example, if you want to work in healthcare, earn your degree in less than two years, and you learn best in a hands-on environment, then a career-focused degree may be the best option for you. At Ohio Valley College of Technology, we offer fast track college degrees for in-demand careers like Nursing, Medical Assisting, Medical Office Administration, Dental Assisting, and Business Administration. With these short-term programs, you can begin your career in months, not years.

When choosing a school, other important items to consider are whether there is job placement assistance, whether you can earn valuable certifications as part of the program, and does the school offer direct admission, meaning you don’t have to take unnecessary classes just to get into your desired program.

Once you have decided on the program you’re interested in, reach out to the school to get more information and ask any questions you need answered. To get a good feel for the school and determine if it’s the right fit for you, set up a campus visit and tour. Be sure to take notes so you are aware of important things like deadlines for admissions.

As you make the decision on which school to attend, talk with family, friends, and guidance counselors, as they can offer great advice and insight.

Complete the Application Process

You’ve decided on the school you’ll attend and chosen your program, so now it’s time to complete the application process! Meet with your admissions advisor to fill out your application and make a list of anything else you need to do, including next steps. At OVCT, our Admissions Advisors work with you one-on-one to guide you through the process. For extra support, feel free to bring a parent or family member to your admissions interview.

Next, you’ll meet with a Financial Aid Representative to help you create a plan to finance your education. Any questions you have about paying for your degree can be answered in this meeting, including the FAFSA, student loans, scholarships, payment plans, and more. Your parent or guardian will have questions as well, so be sure to bring them.

After your financial aid meeting, you will need to fill out your FAFSA, apply for scholarships, and pay any fees. Depending on the college and program you choose, you may also need to take an entrance exam or send in letters of recommendation.

Prepare for Success

Congratulations! You have decided on the school you’ll attend, chosen a program, and finished the admissions process. As you prepare to graduate high school, continue to focus on your responsibilities like grades, extracurricular activities, and work.

If your chosen school contacts you, be sure to respond quickly, as they may have questions or need additional information from you. Finally, purchase any necessary supplies and communicate with family and friends about the support you will need while in school.

Apply to OVCT

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, we offer fast track degree programs with hands-on training, student support, small classes, personalized attention, and a WE CARE approach to education. Request information today to start your path to a meaningful career!

Joshua Nally – Student Highlight

A Profile in Success:

Joshua Nally, Student Government President

Ohio Valley College of Technology

Joshua Nally Receiving High School Diploma
OVCT student Joshua Nally (left) receives his Penn Foster High School Diploma from Business Administration Program Director Jonathan Ream.

 Ohio Valley College of Technology Business Administration student Joshua Nally, Sr. never thought he would attend college. Before starting at OVCT at age 36, he was working full-time in an unfulfilling career. Then his wife, Jennifer, came to enroll in the Medical Assisting course.  Joshua states, “She called me and said ‘how would you like to go back to school?’ and I said ‘OK, let’s do it.’”  Until that critical point, Josh had never attended college before. In fact, he needed to enroll in the Penn-Foster high school diploma completion program offered through OVCT before he could even enter college classes. Joshua applied his diligent work ethic to earning his high school diploma quickly to be able to start college.

Since starting at OVCT last August, Mr. Nally has become an important part of the OVCT family.  He began employment as a federal work study, assisting the I.T. Department with computer network updates. He has led and been engaged in multiple community activities and projects supporting the U.S. military, in addition to being an all-around “go-to guy” on campus.   Joshua’s leadership skills led to him recently being elected Student Government president, while his wife, Jennifer, was elected vice-president. Since his election, Josh has organized a campus clean-up to pick up trash around the outside grounds and organized the first school dance in recent history, a “Roaring ‘20s” themed event for students and their partners. Joshua has accomplished all this while maintaining a perfect 4.0 grade-point average and nearly-perfect attendance.

Joshua Nally - Student Highlight
Josh Nally catches a quick break after clearing trash from the campus grounds during a volunteer clean-up.

Mr. Nally chose the Business Administration program because he has always wanted to run his own business. After graduation, he plans to either open his own business or “work for a big company that deals with selling anything. I’m a salesperson at heart,” remarks Joshua.  Mr. Nally has implemented “Josh’s Grab N Go” on campus to provide inexpensive lunches to students, staff, and faculty. The success of this venture led to him being asked to cater the dinner for the college’s community Advisory Board meetings, showcasing his entrepreneurial skills to business leaders. He hopes to continue this venture beyond campus, and grow to become a staple “go-to” food spot in the community.

When asked about his favorite part of attending OVCT, Joshua states, “Everything! OVCT staff and students are amazing. I love that the classes are short and there are not too many students in each class.” Mr. (Jonathan) Ream was recognized by Joshua for making him feel so welcome.  “He will work hard to make sure you succeed. He has been there since day one. I appreciate him 100%,” said Joshua.

Joshua Nally Student Government President
Joshua and Jennifer Nally (rear, center) in the OVCT student lounge, with other members of Student Government, show Valentines prepared to send to USMC (retired) Maj. Bill White. Maj. White is a 104-year old Veteran who lives in California.

Looking to the future, Mr. Nally is confident about how he wants his life to be in five years.  Josh states that he wants to be “financially stable, with enough money in the bank to never have to worry about bill collectors again.” Further, he would love to own a home within five years and “never have to go without anything again.”

When asked pointedly if he would refer a friend to OVCT, Joshua said, “100%! Not only because of how awesome the staff and students are, but I never would have thought how much everyone treats you like family. The instructors will do everything in their power to make sure you succeed. My life has already changed for the better ever since I started at OVCT. I can’t wait to see what’s coming in the future.”

To learn more about how to become a part of the OVCT family, visit ovct.edu!

Dr. Robert L. Rumbaugh III, DMD – Externship Highlight

Ohio Valley College of Technology’s Dental Assisting Associate Degree program is proud of its long-term relationship with the office of Dr. Robert L. Rumbaugh III, DMD in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Rumbaugh’s dental office and dental laboratory have been in operation since 1987 and Lori Kosak currently serves as the externship site coordinator. The business provides multiple dental services, including cleanings and exams, fillings, bridges and crowns, root canal therapy, extractions, and removable appliances. They make custom dentures as well as partial dentures and their on-site dental laboratory also offers same day repairs!

OVCT recently asked Dr. Rumbaugh to share his expertise and he says that the dental field is booming!  OVCT students receive valuable career training on “all aspects of providing dental care to patients and the required office and paperwork involved in billing,” said Dr. Rumbaugh.  He also stated that the externship presents a valuable opportunity to orient employees to new co-workers.  Dr. Rumbaugh reported that the five-year business outlook for the dental services field is “excellent.” His statement is corroborated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which finds that employment of Dental Assistants is expected to grow “much faster than average.”  You can find occupational data and employment projections for the dental assisting career field at https://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/dental-assistants.htm

Asked what advice he would give a student entering college in the next year, Dr. Rumbaugh responded, “seek a major or area of study which is in demand.  Do something you are good at and do something you love.” Great advice from someone who has been very successful in his chosen career field!

Check out Dr. Rumbaugh on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/drrumbaugh/

To learn more about how to become a dynamic member of a dental and oral care professional team, visit https://www.ovct.edu/dental-assisting/

Meet OVCT Admissions Advisor Donna Juszczak!

Ohio Valley College of Technology Admissions Advisor Donna Juszczak is a 19-year veteran of the OVCT staff.  Affectionately known as “DJ” because her last name is so hard to pronounce, she is a Beaver Local High School graduate. Right after high school, Donna attended a local university. She always wanted to be a Physical Anthropologist and follow in the footsteps of Louis Leakey or Donald Johanson, but states that she “couldn’t cut the math classes.”

She has been married to a great guy for 35 years and has one son. After being a stay-at-home Mom for eight years, she decided to start classes at OVCT in order to obtain an education that would make her employable. “I came to OVCT and never left.”  Donna was hired as an Administrative Assistant as soon as she graduated and subsequently moved into her current role as Admissions Advisor.

Prior to attending OVCT, Donna worked as a babysitter, waitress, movie theater cashier, researcher/interpreter for the Ohio Historical Society, and medical biller and coder. Donna states that she chose to work at OVCT because, “I love the school, believe in the mission of the school, and love the fact that we help people in a very unique way. It’s also a challenging job that never gets boring.” Her favorite part of working for OVCT is that it is her second family. “We all get along and trust each other.  Sometimes we don’t agree, but we all work together. It’s kind of like a marriage. You can’t quit just because things get a little rough. As long as we all work together, we get things done,” Donna says.

Donna is most motivated by the OVCT students.  She says, “there are some that have to fight the world to get through school, but they do it! I love their success, especially the people that come in to see me that have been told all their life that they can’t do it, they aren’t smart enough, or aren’t good enough.  You CAN do it and you ARE smart enough. You just need to be motivated enough to get it done!! That’s where I come in.”

Donna likes to work hard. She definitely has a solid work ethic. When asked what she is most proud of, she said, “It’s really awesome to work for a company that trusts you to do your job every day without micromanaging. I can see my successes when I do my job, even if it means putting in long hours sometimes. Just like any job, the harder you work, the bigger your successes. Sometimes I don’t achieve what I set out to do, but it’s important that I do my best, and that is a matter of pride!”

When not on the OVCT campus helping students to jump start their careers in Nursing, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Medical Office Administration, or Business Administration, Donna is a true beach bum who loves hot weather, so she tries to head south every chance she gets. When not at the beach, Donna says she loves to watch scary movies, read, and cook. “Oh, and there is the occasional casino visit,” she chuckles.

Interestingly, Donna is a total and hopeless Anglophile.  She tells us, “I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, but I know about the Battle of Hastings and the House successions of the Monarchy!” Any conversation with “DJ” is always entertaining. Asked if she wanted to add anything else, Donna exclaimed, “call me crazy, but there IS a Bigfoot!”

To learn more about how Donna can help you down the path toward your future career, click here!

How to Dress for Success

You’ve heard the saying, dress for the job you want, not the job you have, but how do you actually do this? What can you do to make an awesome first impression and get your dream job?

From the moment you meet someone new, your appearance speaks for you, even if you have not yet said a word. People notice things about you like the clothes you’re wearing, your hairstyle, and the jewelry you have on, and they make assumptions about you based on these things.

So how do you make a great first impression by dressing for success? Read on as we reveal our top tips!

Dress for the Company Culture

In the business world, every organization has its own unique company culture and follows different types of dress codes. Anytime you attend a meeting or interview with a company, it’s best to align yourself with their company culture and dress code. Doing this will help present you as a good fit for the company. For example, if you’re interviewing with a bank, wear a suit because the dress code in banking is more formal than many other industries.

Before a meeting, do some research to figure out what the dress code is for the specific company. By looking your professional best, you will walk in prepared and confident! These are the common dress codes companies use:

  • Business formal –As the top level of professional dress, formal suits, solid color ties, button-up shirts, dress shoes, and dark colors are all common in this dress code.
  • Business professional – This dress code allows you to wear more color in your outfits. Dress pants, professional skirts, sports jackets, ties with patterns, and nice shirts are all acceptable.
  • Business casual –Here you can add more personality to your appearance. Shirts with colors and patterns, skirts in many colors, khakis, polos, vests, and sweaters all work for this dress code.
  • Casual –Being the most informal dress, casual allows for many different outfit choices. T-shirts, jeans, skirts, sweaters, sandals, and sneakers can all be worn in a casual dress code.

One important thing to note is to always dress up for meetings and interviews, even if a company follows a casual dress code. This will show your professionalism as soon as you walk in the door.

Dress for the Specific Event

Different career events require different types of dress. When going to a job interview, looking your professional best can set you apart from other candidates. Wearing an outfit that is business professional, picking colors that aren’t distracting, having a professional hairstyle, and not adding too much jewelry or fragrance are great to remember for interviews. You only get one opportunity for a great first impression, so make it count!

Interviews today can be completed in different ways, such as a video interview via Skype. When attending a video interview, looking professional is important, as the other person will still see your appearance. Dressing in business clothes and wearing a professional hairstyle is essential, because the interviewer will see at least the top half of you.

Events like career fairs and networking meetups require you to look professional as well. The people you meet at these events can advance your career because they may be hiring directly, have influence in hiring decisions, or can refer you to potential opportunities.

Dress for Success Tips

Dressing for success can seem overwhelming to students and new graduates who are just starting out in their careers. Being unsure about what is appropriate for the workplace and not having many professional clothes are common challenges. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Shop strategically and buy clothes that can be worn in various ways
  • Choose more solid colors because patterns can be distracting
  • Wear clothing that is work appropriate
  • Keep jewelry minimal by choosing your favorite piece and wearing that one only
  • Cover piercings and tattoos, as you want people to focus on how awesome you are, instead of wondering about the meaning of your tattoo
  • Rock a professional and clean hairstyle
  • Don’t overdo it with perfume or cologne, because others may be allergic
  • Wear professional and natural makeup looks

Remember this quote from Oscar Wilde when you’re unsure of how to dress for success: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

Jump Start Your Career

Now that you’re dressing for success, you will make a great first impression on everyone you meet!

AT OVCT, get the education and training to go with your new professional look! Jump start your career with programs in Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Medical Office Administration, Dental Assisting, and Business Administration. Request information now to get started!

New Year, New Career

As we begin a new year, now is the perfect time to assess and plan the next step in your career. Maybe you have been in your current job for a while and are starting to feel stuck, but don’t know how to move forward. Or maybe you’re just starting your career and don’t know what you need to do to get your dream job.

At OVCT, we love seeing our students succeed in happy, fulfilling careers, so we’re here to help! We’ve created steps you can take to help get you get there. When planning your New Year’s resolutions and goals, use these steps to help guide you to a great new career in the new year!

Get Motivated

To make a change in your life and achieve your new career goals, you must get and stay motivated on a daily basis! Motivation is the reason that someone behaves in a specific way. It’s why you get out of bed in the morning and what drives you to keep going when things get difficult. If you want a meaningful new career, getting motivated is the first step!

To increase your motivation for your new career, you have to know what exactly it is that drives and motivates you. This is different for everyone, so ask yourself what really works to motivate you. For example, you may be motivated by earning more money or providing for your family. Whatever it is that pushes you to move forward, remember this while setting your new career goals.

Learn New Skills

Now you’re inspired, motivated, and ready to launch your great new career, but how exactly can you do it? What should you do right now to set yourself up for success? The answer is learning new skills! If you’re not learning new skills in today’s constantly changing world of work, you can easily become stagnant in your career. For this reason, gaining new knowledge, skills, and experiences is the key to advancing your career.

At Ohio Valley College of Technology, our programs are designed to give you the skills and knowledge employers are looking for in candidates. You will train for a new career with hands-on learning, including real-world externships and clinicals.

Update Your Resume

Now it’s time to update your resume so potential employers have the most current information on your professional skills, education, and experience. As you create your resume, ensure it has a clean and professional look to help you catch the eye of hiring managers. Check out our previous blog post with our Top 5 Resume Tips to Get Noticed!

If you’ve made the leap to learn new skills by enrolling in a career-focused degree program, feel free to add this to your resume as well. Potential employers will see that you are serious about achieving your new career goals. Be sure to clearly state that you are still currently attending school.

Start Your Job Search

It may seem too early to begin searching for jobs while you are still attending college, but that’s actually the perfect time to start! Make a list of your preferred employers and research their open positions, hiring managers, and hiring processes. In addition, you can also follow them on social media to stay up to date on the company.

After doing this research, you will know exactly what it takes to get hired by each employer. To help you get to know the company culture better or learn more about the hiring process, feel free to reach out to your ideal employers with any questions you may have. This will give you a head start when you’re ready to apply for your new dream job!

Jump Start Your Career with OVCT

Ready to jump start your new career? At Ohio Valley College of Technology, you gain hands-on skills, expert knowledge, and real-world professional experience. Learn more about our programs in Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Business Administration today. Request information now to get started!

Jessica Allen – Student Highlight

Before enrolling at OVCT, medical assisting student, Jessica Allen worked in the home healthcare industry for 8 years. She had previously started a degree program in business and accounting and realized it was not for her. Her healthcare experience showed her that the medical field was her calling, but she always dreamed of bigger and better things beyond home healthcare. Through word-of-mouth recommendations from many of her friends and family members, Jessica was excited to pursue her calling in OVCT’s Medical Assisting program. She was inspired by everyone else’s positive stories and referrals, as well as OVCT’s small class sizes and genuinely caring faculty and staff.

Jessica immediately knew Medical Assisting was exactly the program she belonged in! Her experience in healthcare was interwoven with her values and passion to pursue her career; but, her experience helping her sick mother is what “sealed the deal” for her. Jessica had spent so much time ensuring her mother was well cared for and taken to all of her appointments and chemotherapy treatments. Being able to help someone have the best quality of life and providing reassurance, comfort, and companionship fueled her heart and gave her life purpose.

Like her family and friends, Jessica quickly realized how different and special OVCT was. She states that “my favorite part of attending OVCT would definitely be that everyone treats you like you matter. From the instructors to the front office staff, everyone is so welcoming and warm-hearted that they make you feel like you’re family from the very beginning.” When asked who her favorite or most impactful instructors have been, Jessica had a difficult time choosing. “I have many favorite instructors but if I had to choose just one, I would have to say that person is Mrs. Scott. She takes her role at OVCT very seriously, but she also connects with her students on a personal level. While attending OVCT, I lost my brother very unexpectedly and if it weren’t for her I honestly don’t think I would have finished the program. She pushed me through this very dark time in my life and NEVER gave up on me! She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, and for that, I am forever grateful for her.” Additionally, she expressed gratitude for Mrs. Martin and Career Services stating that without her and all the other instructors “I would not be where I am at right now.  I wouldn’t have the confidence every time I got the chance to shine at work… You are amazing at what you do and the way you care about people.”

In her spare time, Jessica loves to coupon and is also the proud “momma” of her mini pig, Nellie, who “I adore and love spending time with.” She believes that her personality is her most unique trait and that it helps her connect to her patients in special ways. “It’s unbelievable what a smile and a few kind words can do for someone receiving terrible news.”

Recently, Jessica was placed at Heritage Valley Health System as a medical assistant. She did this all before she was even a graduate! When asked about her new career, she lights up!  “I actually didn’t have an “ideal job” in mind for after graduation. I honestly didn’t expect my career to take off like it has. I just always knew I wanted to do more with my abilities.” She is doing just that as she is working in a surgical associates’ office and expanding her skill set daily. Eventually, Jessica would love to become a Registered Nurse. “I know that is what I want for myself and I know I can do it. Attending OVCT has changed my life and I plan on going back to earn my RN.”

To learn more about OVCT’s family atmosphere, caring environment, and student experiences like Jessica’s, visit us today at www.ovct.edu.

A Conversation with Mona Little, OVCT Medical Assisting Student

Ohio Valley College of Technology student Mona Little is currently in the process of completing her first classes toward her Associate Degree in Medical Assisting. Mona had previously taken some classes for a short time at another medical training facility, but couldn’t focus on it due to her parents and grandparents being in and out of hospitals. From 1995-2018, Mona had her own business as a Notary, but closed that business and started working part-time at the local Big Lots.

Mona Little-Student Highlight

Mona chose OVCT because somebody she works with told her she “needed a change” and should look into OVCT. Mona stated, “I thought about it for a month, then signed up and I love my classes. Everyone is so wonderful here.” Mona states that she originally thought about other healthcare training programs, but decided on medical assistant training because she grew up around it and wanted to have a career with better pay.

Mona says that her favorite part of attending OVCT is the teachers! “Everyone I met or had (for class) is awesome. It is a great environment”. She specifically mentioned that she “learned so much” in Mrs. Rogers’ and Mrs. Poynter’s classes.

Upon graduation, Ms. Little plans to work in a doctor’s office, utilizing her skills by taking vitals, blood pressures, and preparing patients for the doctor. Her five-year plan is to have a great job, a house in the country, and her bills paid off.  When asked if she would refer a friend to OVCT, Mona states “Yes. Best choice I ever made. Great staff and great students. You will feel welcome.”

To learn more about OVCT’s career training and our “WE CARE” family atmosphere, visit www.ovct.edu to get started!

4 Tips for Balancing School, Work, and Life During the Holidays

The holiday season has arrived and that means family activities, holiday parties, and delicious cookies! While we all love finding that perfect gift and spending more time with loves ones, balancing these extra activities can be challenging when you have school, work, and family life.

With all the extra holiday fun during this joyful time of year, how can you get everything done without becoming overwhelmed and stressed? Check out our top tips for the best ways to balance school, work, and family during the holidays!

Tip #1 – Stay Organized

To get everything on your list completed during the holidays, the first thing you must do is stay organized. Use a calendar to organize and plan out everything you need to get done during the holiday season, as this will make you more efficient. The easiest way to do this is by using an app like Google Calendar, because it allows you to set alerts to remind you when it’s time to complete something.

To begin, add your school class schedule, assignment due dates, test dates, and other important tasks to your calendar. For example, if you have an important exam approaching and need to study, block off time on your calendar to get it done. Then, add your work shifts, family events, and holiday activities to your calendar.

Now that you’ve added school, work, and life activities to your calendar, you know exactly when you’ll get everything completed. If you find there’s not enough time to get everything done, you may need to reduce your commitments.

Tip #2 – Use Time Management

Using good time management to balance school, work, and family life during the holiday season is the second thing you need to do. As you schedule and plan activities on your calendar, ensure you’re realistic about how much time each thing will take to complete, and ensure you’ve given yourself adequate time.

Make sure you don’t overbook yourself and commit to too many activities, as this can lead to more stress and feeling overwhelmed.

For work, school, and family activities, prioritize the most important things you need to do. This way, if you are overbooked and have to remove something, you can remove a lower priority item from your schedule and still finish the important stuff.

Tip #3 – Get Ahead

As much as you can, try to get ahead on things during this busy time of year so you have extra time for holiday fun. Completing school assignments before the due date and working ahead at your job are both great ways you can get ahead.

For example, if you have a big project at work with a deadline around Christmas, get as much as possible done early, so you’re not rushing and stressed trying to complete it by the due date. Never procrastinate and wait until the last moment to finish something because the quality of your work will be lower, and you can easily become stressed while under last-minute pressure.

Tip #4 – Practice Self-Care

Now that you’ve gotten organized, are using good time management, and have worked ahead, you’re ready to take some time for yourself and practice self-care! When you start feeling overwhelmed with everything there is to do, remember the holidays are meant to be a wonderful time with loves ones.

Eating healthily and getting enough sleep are two important ways to practice self-care in the holiday season. With all the evidence showing the negative effects of not getting an adequate amount of sleep, don’t be tempted to skip sleep just to get things done. It can be a challenge for everyone to eat healthily during the holidays because we’re surrounded by good food and sweets. It may seem easier to eat whatever is available, but eating healthily will help keep your energy up.

You may have a million and one things to do, but remember to take time for yourself to relax and refresh your energy. If you’re struggling to find self-care time, schedule it on your calendar to ensure it gets done. It may not seem productive to “do nothing”, but taking time to rest will make you feel significantly better. If you’re completely overwhelmed, don’t forget you can say “no” to some activities.

Balance School, Work, and Life with OVCT

Our career-focused college degrees are designed to work with your busy life, making it easier to balance school, work, and family life. At Ohio Valley College of Technology, we offer fast track career training, small class sizes, personalized attention, and hands-on learning to help you start a rewarding career.

Learn more about our fast track Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Business Administration programs and request information today to start your journey to a rewarding new career!

The Growing Medical Industry in Columbiana County

The healthcare industry continues to grow across the country and the same is true in Columbiana County. With an increased number of people who now have access to medical care, and an aging population, the medical industry is projected to continue expanding well into the future.

Healthcare providers are consistently hiring professionals at all levels to keep up with the increasing demand for medical services. This includes students and recent graduates who are just starting their careers, and professionals with many years of experience.

With the ever-increasing demand for medical professionals, there are more opportunities for entry-level candidates to get in on the ground floor and achieve their career goals in the medical field.

Increasing Demand for Medical Professionals

With more people using healthcare services, local employers need an increased number of qualified professionals to meet the growing demand. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, labs, and clinics need employees who have the education, certifications, hands-on skills, and experience to get the job done.

Locally, private and solo healthcare practitioners are merging into larger group practices. This allows healthcare providers to provide a high level of care and positive patient experience because they now have general practitioners and specialists all under one roof.

Partnerships with Local Employers

At OVCT, we work hard to provide well-trained, qualified professionals to the growing healthcare industry in the tri-state area. “OVCT meets the needs of the growing medical industry by building relationships with local healthcare providers,” said Scott Rogers, OVCT Campus President.

“We have an advisory board of medical industry professionals who advise us on curriculum content that is necessary to produce highly employable graduates,” said Scott. Our curriculum is designed to give OVCT students the exact skills, education, and certifications needed by local healthcare employers.

To provide students with hands-on experience, we also partner with local healthcare employers so students can complete an externship while in their programs. Heritage Valley Health System, River Valley Health Partners, and Trinity Health System are just a few of our local healthcare partners.

In-Demand Medical Programs

OVCT offers students the opportunity to earn degrees in various in-demand medical programs including Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, Medical Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and Dental Assisting.


Nursing Growing Medical Industry

With our direct admission Nursing program, students can start on their way to becoming a registered nurse. “Students are admitted directly to nursing courses, rather than being required to take multiple prerequisites before applying to their program,” said Scott.

“Furthermore, evening and weekend class and clinical scheduling provides more flexibility for students,” said Scott. This allows students to graduate in as little as 24 months and start their careers much sooner than if they had attended a traditional university.

As part of our in-depth nursing program, students are required to complete clinicals at local healthcare providers like East Liverpool City Hospital, Trinity Medical Center, and Akron Children’s Hospital.

LPN to RN Bridge 

Nursing_LPN Growing Medical Industry

The LPN to RN Bridge program provides students with a clear path to becoming an RN, because OVCT recognizes the skillset that LPNs already possess. In this direct admission program, an LPN can become an RN in only 16 months because they don’t waste time taking classes they don’t need.

With clinical rotations at local employers like Alliance Community Hospital, Heritage Valley Health System, and Vista Center, students are prepared for a successful career as a nurse.

Medical Assisting and Medical Office Administration 

MA Growing Medical Industry

Our Medical Assisting and Medical Office Administration programs prepare students to work in a variety of medical facilities. Medical Assisting students are trained to provide high-quality medical care in areas like taking vital signs, checking vision, performing lab tests, drawing blood, and more. The program also prepares students for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant certification.

MOA Growing Medical Industry

Medical Office professionals keep healthcare offices running smoothly so local patients receive the best care possible. Students are trained in areas like basic coding, electronic health records, billing, scheduling, and more. While in the program, students are also prepared for valuable certifications, including Certified Billing and Coding Specialist and Certified Medical Administrative Assistant.

Dental Assisting 

DA Growing Medical Industry

As part of our Dental Assisting program, students learn the hands-on skills and gain the experience necessary to succeed in dental careers. Externships are completed at local providers like Refresh Dental, Aspen Dental, Complete Dental Care, Dentistry for Children & Teens, and Precision Orthodontics, and many have also hired OVCT Dental Assisting graduates.

Students prepare for the Nationally Registered Certified Dental Assistant (NRCDA) certification, which provides verification to employers of the skills graduates have learned. In addition, students are also prepared for the dental radiography certification in their respective states.

Jump Start Your Medical Career

“If you want to work in the medical industry in the tri-state area, do it now! There has never been a greater opportunity to establish a solid career in the medical profession,” said Scott when asked what advice he has for someone who wants to get into the healthcare industry.

At OVCT, we work hard to get people into their dream careers and make a positive impact on the growing medical community in the tri-state area. OVCT graduates are working in all aspects of the local medical profession to provide quality healthcare to residents of the local area. We truly believe in empowering our students to succeed in their careers and make a difference in the lives of others.

Are you ready for a healthcare career that allows you to make a difference and positively impact people every day? Classes are starting soon, so request information now to get started!