Let’s Talk Business

Hands-On Marketing with OVCT Student Samantha Riggs

During the first week of my Marketing class we were assigned a project that was not your typical college assignment. With this project, we had to come up with a product, sell it to our fellow students, and then market the product in the area around us. As we brainstormed on what product we wanted to sell, we also considered a charity to which we could donate our proceeds. The Columbiana County Humane Society was our chosen charity because they agreed to present to our class!

During our meeting with the Humane Society, we had the opportunity to learn more about our county and the organization. Jenny Rukenbrod from the Humane Society visited our classroom and had a lot to say about the animals they care for and protect. After their visit, we knew we wanted to help this great organization!

The next step in our project was trying to figure out what our customers would like to buy and how much they were willing to spend. The best way for us to understand our potential customers was to have the student body complete a survey. Students voted that they wanted us to sell lanyards and really liked the idea of the funds being donated to the Columbiana County Humane Society. Our next step was to develop a marketing plan and strategy.

We planned to sell lanyards during the operating hours of Hangry Helpers (a small café, solely operated by Business Administration students in order to prepare for externship), and to use social media for our marketing. The class created marketing videos, distributed flyers, and talked to local high schools and community organizations about our product.

My personal experience was great! I learned a lot from this project, which will be beneficial to me and my career goals. At the start of the project, we were assigned special jobs and titles that would symbolize our future careers paths and goals. My career plan is to use my Business Administration degree to work in Human Resources because I really enjoy helping others. I was chosen by my peers as the communicator for the project and my duty was the correspondence between our group and the local high schools.

OVCT’s High School Admissions Representative, Monica Allison, assisted us with implementing the project and scheduling our pitch. Multiple college administrators and program directors served as the OVCT decision-making panel. When the plan was approved, I drafted a letter to the campus president requesting final approval and starter funds to initiate the project.

We sold the lanyards during lunch periods at Southern Local High School and were able to visit classrooms and speak with teachers, where we were invited to attend their upcoming District Showcase. This event, held in the high school’s gymnasium, was one of the most successful events for lanyard sales.

This project taught me how to present a successful marketing pitch, how to communicate professionally, and to understand basic accounting principles. This project and OVCT’s Business Administration program have helped me cultivate skills that I did not even know I had!

Business Administration students Samantha Riggs and Breanna Kelly sell lanyards at Southern Local High School to benefit the Columbiana County Humane Society:

OVCT Business

Columbiana County Humane Society Director Jenny Rukenbrod (center) visits our marketing class:

OVCT Marketing Class

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4 Ways Nurses Can Build Genuine Connections with Patients

nursing in Ohio

When you are a nurse, your relationships with patients help you perform your duties, and they also help to put patients at ease as they prepare for surgeries, recover from incidents, or receive ongoing care.

Check out these quick tips on how to build a more genuine connection with your patients from OVCT!

1. Stay Focused on Them

For those in the nursing field, workplace distractions and lingering anxieties from select patients can take their toll at times, but keeping focused on individuals will help both the patient and you.

One of the best things you can do as a nurse to build a better connection with your patients is, when you walk into their room, push everything else in your mind aside and just focus on them and the task at hand. As simple as it may sound, it can be hard to remember!

2. Be Sure to Use Eye Contact

An easy way to better connect with your patients is to use eye contact while speaking with them. According to Travel Nursing, when nurses use eye contact, it quickly conveys compassion, commitment, and connection.

Make a point to incorporate this small gesture into your care and your patients will certainly appreciate it!

3. Show Interest in Their Lives and Share Stories of Your Own

If you have enough time during your tasks, a great way to connect is to ask your patients basic questions about themselves, such as what they do for a living, if they have a family, what their favorite books or albums are, etc.

This is an easy way to find ways to relate and grow your bond with them by discovering things you can talk about to cheer them up in times of need.

4. Share Relevant Info to Keep Their Spirits Up

When patients are admitted to a hospital, sometimes they don’t know how long they’ll be there and can often feel quite disconnected from the outside world. Since their TV and the internet use can be limited, try and share some info to boost their spirits and keep them focused on getting well.

Whether it’s sharing what you’ve heard about a new business coming to town or relaying that the hospital cafeteria is going to have chocolate pudding that day, these small connections can pay off.

Sometimes it’s the little things you can share to make your patients feel like they’re more than just the person in room 202!

Get Started on Your Journey to Becoming a Great Nurse at OVCT

Choosing to pursue your nursing career through an education at OVCT also comes with many benefits such as:

  • Being able to graduate in 24 months
  • Being prepared to take the NCLEX-RN licensing exam to become a Registered Nurse
  • Gaining experience through clinical rotations and practical training

Apply to Ohio Valley College of Technology Today!

If you think you are ready to start working toward a rewarding career as a nurse, apply today! If you have any specific questions about our programs, be sure to contact us.

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Everything a College Student Needs to Know Coming from a Nursing Student at OVCT

-Joshua Underwood, Year One Nursing Student


 Going to college for the first time can be an exciting and scary experience all at once. You may have expectations from stories you have heard from others, from movies, or from recruiters from the colleges you plan on attending. You will have a lot to think about when adjusting to the college lifestyle, so here is everything a college student needs to know before making the big transition!

OVCT Nursing

 Whether you come from a big city or you are like me and lived in such a small town that you could close your eyes to sneeze and walk past it, the social life associated with college can be a big change from what you are used to. If you come from a small town, be prepared to put yourself out there! It may be scary but once you get past the initial nerves, you will wonder why you were ever afraid in the first place. While social life is a huge element of college, you have to always remember the main reason you are there, to learn. 

Now that you are in college, you will have to be more independent than ever. This can be difficult for some, so a great idea is to get an agenda or planner of some sort. Write down everything you need to do and when it is due and be sure to pencil in specific times for studying. Try your hardest to stick to this schedule because procrastination will be your worst enemy. You may think you can cram a 15-page paper all in one night but trust me, you can’t. (Side note: Be sure to save OFTEN and email your work to yourself just in case something happens to your computer). Try to form good study habits even for “easy” classes because they will carry over when you actually need it. When you go to class, be sure to take food, water, and a phone charger with you because you never know how long some days will be. Sometimes, it’s worth sticking around and asking questions after class, going to your professor’s office hours, or studying in between classes.

OVCT Family

On that note, be sure to use all resources available to you. Most schools offer libraries, student discounts at many participating businesses, counseling, and work-study programs. Remember, you are paying for your education, so get the most out of it. Don’t let pride get in the way of asking questions on things you don’t understand and listen and take useful notes. Try befriending an upperclassman so they can “show you the ropes.” More importantly, be kind to any and all staff (not just professors) because they can help you out far more than you realize, whether it is pointing you in the right direction when you are lost or unlocking a door to an empty room for you to study in. Any interaction can be an important networking opportunity.

Another thing you should be mindful of is what you post on social media. What may seem funny and harmless at the time might come back to haunt you later on. Before you post, think “would I want a potential employer to see this?” Even if your account is on private, nothing is truly private on the Internet. Getting a job during school is a good idea to get work experience and to have a little extra money to have fun in your free time.

Balancing work, school, and your social life can be difficult but is very important. Working and studying are important but be sure to plan time for yourself to have fun! Last but not least, when it is finals week and you are only sleeping a few hours each night in between tests and studying all day, and you are more stressed than ever, remember one thing; There is an end in sight. Keep looking ahead at what you are working toward.

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The Senior Meltdown

The Senior Meltdown

The How-To on Surviving Senior Year

By High School Admission Rep Monica Allison


It’s the question you been hounded with all year…

Senior Meltdown

“What are your plans after graduation?”

Senior year can be the best year of high school. It can even be the best year of your life. Senior year is exciting because high school is almost over and you don’t have to go back after summer break. The excitement of living your life, following your dreams, starting the next chapter, and all the other clichés you may hear throughout the year is just around the corner.

What happens if you do not know what you want to do after high school? What if nine months was not enough time to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life? What if you are not done with this chapter and this chapter was too short? What if you are not ready?

This is what I call the “Senior Meltdown”. It’s when you realize there are only a few short months before you graduate, thirty days before the scholarship deadlines, and the start of the countdown for when you walk across the stage and receive your diploma. Many high school senior feels the panic in their chest and the annoyance of the numerous questions from their parents, grandparents, family members, teachers, and random strangers:

“what are your plans… what are you doing… you need to decide…. pretty soon it will be over… you can’t live at home forever… time for the real world… ugh adulting”

Welcome to the first stage of the Senior Meltdown. Good news! I know how you can survive!

Senior Meltdown 2

First, make a list. This doesn’t have to be a long list, just a list of what you want to do in life. Traveling, owning your own home, buying a dream car, finding security, making money, and being happy can all be items on this list. Then, make a list of what you want in a college. Start by looking at local colleges. You can save money by commuting to a local college. You can also save by borrowing food out of mom and dad’s fridge and, let’s not forget, mom can still do your laundry!

Second, remember that scholarships are not a big and scary monster. Do not panic when you see a scholarship application that is five pages long. Instead, stop and consider how long it will take you to earn that scholarship just by working. I bet if you make minimum wage and work part-time after school, it would take you a month to three months to earn the same amount of money the scholarship is offering. A scholarship application will take three hours max to complete. Take the time and apply. I mean, it is FREE money!

Finally, schedule many college visits. Visit a college, talk to admission reps, students, and if you’re lucky a professor/director. My best advice for those who are unsure or undecided about their college choice is to SIT IN A COLLEGE CLASS! Test drive the college, test drive the program, and, especially, test drive the career. See if it fits you and your list of what you want to do in life. It doesn’t cost money, it takes an hour max, and you will feel so much better after you experience a program and a college first hand. In my next blog, I will tell you all about “Test Driving A College.”

If you want to visit Ohio Valley College of Technology, learn more about local scholarship, and sit in a college class, call/text me at 330-368-8018. We can talk more about Medical Assisting, Business Administration, Dental Assisting, Medical Office Administration, and/or Nursing.

Make Your Dreams Come True

OVCT Making Dreams Come True Since 1886

Saturday, January 13th is a day that gives you the opportunity to realize your goals and dreams. Many students at OVCT are already pursuing their dream by going to college and working towards their degree in their career field. OVCT has asked our students and graduates to share their dreams and goals. Remember, “whatever your dreams are, they usually do not come true without some effort.” Our students know that the distance between dreams and reality is called action. OVCT wants to know what your dreams are for 2018.

“I want to climb Mount Everest

-Caitlin Allen, Medical Assisting student

Overcome my health issues and build a family!”

-Amber Dorsey, Medical Office Administration student

“Travel to every country in the world that is safe to visit. My biggest goal is to visit Ireland, Spain, and Australia.”

-Jennell Bolton, Business Administration graduate

One of my biggest dreams is to take my kids to Disney World/Disneyland for a week or two.”

-Courtney Stephens, Upcoming Medical Assisting graduate

See my grandchildren become anything they want. Be happy, creative people. And if possible meet their children.”

-Bernice Nelson, Nursing Student

I dream of going to Bora Bora

-Breanna Kelly, Business Administration Student & OVCT Hangry Helper Manager

My biggest dream is to travel. I can only hope one day my son and I can experience this world’s beauty.”

-Markie Lowe, Medical Assisting student

I want to become a dental assistant and have a successful life.

-Alexis Fish, Dental Assisting student

…To take my kids on the Disney cruise!”

OVCT SGA Students

-Victoria Grimes, Medical Assisting student

Travel to Holland to learn about my family roots and speak Dutch fluently.”

-Lexie Van Lingen, Medical Assisting student

Become a nurse and give myself and children a better life than what we have had so far.”

-Vicki White, Dental Assisting student and Medical Assisting graduate

“…Helping those in need.”

-Barbara Clinebell, Business Administration student

To see a world where everyone is happy and at peace with themselves and other people.”

-Mickala Guy, Dental Assisting student

Visit Hawaii <3

  • Haylee Cramer, Medical Assisting student

A Fond Farewell from the Business Administration Students of 2017

By: Katie Lowe

Business Administration

In September, a little over a year ago, we all began our journey together. Little did we know how amazing our journey would be. Being business students was hard, but it was also fun and rewarding. We didn’t know how good of friends we would be or how much we would miss it when we were gone. While at OVCT, we learned finance, marketing, management, and taxation and learned how to apply each of them to many areas in the business world. We learned so many more things that have molded us into the business professionals we are today.

Keeping up with all the changes and all the different classes we took was tough, but we did it together and that’s what made it awesome. We blasted through the marketing project, panicked through taxation, steamed in QuickBooks, and almost went crazy running our own café in the student lounge every day.

I miss waking up early and coming in and seeing my friends every day. I even miss the classes! Mr. Robison, we really missed you and we were sad that you missed out on the last few months with us. Mr. Ream, thank you for always making class a fun place to learn and for helping us feel comfortable in our new settings. To Monica and Courtney, where do I begin? You are both wonderful women and role models who helped me figure out what I want to be in life. I’ll miss you two and all the fun we had. You guys made work study a blast and I loved every minute. To Donna, thanks for being so friendly and welcoming on my first visit in, and for helping me through the application process. Thank you for helping me pick the career that was the right choice for me. To Morgan, thanks for texting me every day telling me to “call Donna”, so that I could start on this wonderful. To my girls, Mariah, Jennell, Bridget, and Whitney, we did it! We took all of the challenges thrown at us and made the results ten times better. The café turned out fabulously. Big thanks to Courtney Martin for helping us make it all possible and for giving us the tools and pushing us to help us stay on task. We are all glad that we chose OVCT!

Business Administration

As for what we would say to someone who wants to come to OVCT for the business program….

Mariah Betteridge:  “OVCT’s business program changed my life in so many ways. It will change yours too. Just hold on for the ride and never give up.”

Bridget Brenneman:  “The journey I had with the business program was amazing. You go through ups and downs, but in the end, your life is completely different. I recommend coming to OVCT and becoming a business student.”

Jennell Bolton : “Don’t let anything hold you back. There are always a million reasons why not to go. You will never find a better school, or more caring staff than you will find at OVCT.”

Whitney Southall:  “The business program is one of the best choices. You can enter any type of business with this degree.”

Finally, from myself, Katie Lowe, “Your dreams are never so far out that you can’t get there. All you have to do is reach out and grab them. I do not regret my choice at all. I really enjoyed my time and now I have my dreams figured out, thanks to the wonderful people I have had the joy to come to know at OVCT.”

If you’re still unsure about what you want to do with your life, come on down to OVCT and you will not regret your choice.

Medical Assisting – Program Highlight

Medical Assistants in Wonderland

By: Katie Lowe


Medical assistants are some of the most important people in the medical field and the ones we spend the most time with in the doctor’s office. They take vitals, give injections, run lab tests, and they can even draw your blood (phlebotomy). MAs do all these things to make it easier for the doctor to make a diagnosis and get you on your way to feeling better. Medical Assistants are the unsung heroes of the doctor’s office.

What makes a Medical Assistant so important to the doctor’s office?

Medical Assisting

As stated previously, they perform blood draws, vitals, and give injections. They also assist in many administrative duties such as helping admit and dismiss patients, filing, scheduling appointments, and talking to insurance agencies. The Medical Assisting students I spoke with can do all of these things, AND they know how to have fun. I visited them in their lab and I have never felt so welcome. They were truly lovely and I believe that they were very happy to have me visit with them.

After I entered the room and we made our introductions, these girls quickly got to work, doing blood draws, urinalysis tests, and the many other things that they could demonstrate for me in their lab. Not only were these girls fabulous, but so was their instructor, Mrs. Scott. She was very personable, bubbly, and helped me feel welcome in her classroom. There was not a moment in that lab where these girls were not smiling or striking up a conversation about the different things they were doing. These girls are the future of the Medical Assisting world, and I couldn’t be happier to see them on their way. After I was finished taking pictures and before saying my goodbyes, I asked for four girls to interview.

The girls that I got to interview were Kami Tice, who is graduating in December, Mercedes Brown, who will be graduating in March, Starr Reed, who is also graduating in December, and Courtney Stephens who is graduating in February of next year. When I asked them what class they liked, they all agreed that their clinical courses were there favorite because they loved the fact that they were hands-on. When asked what skills they found the most valuable, they all agreed that all of the skills they learned were valuable. Mercedes said, “You are taught everything you need to succeed” and Courtney said, “Everything we have learned is going to be helpful in the office.” When asked what the most important skill they learned was, Merced replied, “documentation. If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.”


Medical AssistingAs things came to a close for the interview portion, I asked the girls what made them choose OVCT. Mercedes and Kami agreed that it was the first step in becoming a nurse. Courtney said “I wanted to help people. Cosmetology just wasn’t for me.” Starr stated, “The 18 months’ worth of enjoyable classes and having a degree in something.”

When I asked the girls if they were glad they chose OVCT, they said “Yes!”. Courtney said “I love this place.” Mercedes said, “I even drive 45 minutes to get here!” Finally, I asked the girls what advice they would have for anyone who wants to come to OVCT and join the MA program. Courtney said, “It is a great choice with plenty of opportunities.” Starr said, “Come prepared to learn. There are lots of hands-on experiences and all the help you can want.” Kami said, “I highly recommend it. It’s a great program.” Mercedes said, “One of the best schools I’ve been to (and I’ve been to many colleges). The teachers are so helpful and I’ve learned so much. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it.” 

So, if you’re still stumped about where to go to college and need a little help getting in the right direction, come on down to OVCT. We’ll help you get started and on your journey to a great career!

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Paws 4 Celebration Doggy Festival

Paws 4 Celebration Doggy Festival

OVCT Events

OVCT invited the community to their first doggy festival called Paws 4 Celebration to raise funds and awareness for the Columbia County Dog Pound. The festival took place on campus and the weather was perfect!

Dog lovers from around the community brought their fur children to spend the evening getting pampered and loved. There were grooming stations, craft areas, vendors selling toys and costumes, a masseuse and even a local vet! Business Administration students, Jennell Bolton and Whitney Compton, made bandanas and dog treats to sell and donated the proceeds to the dog pound.

OVCT Events

The Columbiana County Dog Pound brought adoptable dogs and one named Eddie went to a very special home. OVCT student, Emily Williams, adopted Eddie for her family. Both of her little girls LOVE him and refer to him as their little brother.

OVCT wants to send a special thank you to all of the vendors, the Columbiana County Dog Pound, and our student government for being a part of such an awesome event! Thank you!

Dental Assisting-Program Highlight

An Adventure in the Radiology Lab

By: Katie Lowe

What is a dental assistant?

Dental Assisting

I would not have been able to tell you…until I met one today. Actually, I met six of them. Today, OVCT’s dental assistants allowed me a glimpse into the radiology lab! They were friendly and courteous, and I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to bug them with my camera and my many questions. I had a wonderful time learning a little bit about the Dental Assisting program and having the opportunity to explore the radiology lab. Before we parted ways, I asked the girls a few questions which they were more than happy to answer. I couldn’t have been given two better girls to interview.

The two lovely ladies I interviewed were Renee Cathers and Lauren Balmenti. Renee is almost ready to graduate! She will be at OVCT until October and then will be out in the workforce. Lauren, who came to OVCT straight out of high school, graduates in December and is loving every minute of her college experience. Both girls thoroughly enjoy their classes, but they both agree that their favorite part of OVCT, by far, is their wonderful teacher Mrs. Jamie Stine and all of their classmates. Renee says, “It’s like a family.”

Dental Assisting

The dental girls (the nickname the dental students gave themselves) discussed with me some of their favorite and least favorite skills they have learned in their program. For Renee, one of the most difficult skills to master was plaster pouring. “It was hard and my teeth would always shatter!” she says. As for the some of the favorites…both girls agreed that they loved taking x-rays because it is very hands on. OVCT’s radiology lab allowed them to really dive into their lab work. Lauren prefers taking the x-rays, while Renee prefers processing them. When they take x-rays, they look for “cavities and diagnostics.” I also asked them why it was so important that they earn their certification for taking an x-ray and I was given a resounding, “It’s the law.” Both Renee and Lauren were very knowledgeable and I wish them all the luck in the world in their job searches. I would definitely trust them with my teeth!

As our interview came to a close, I asked the girls if they were glad that they chose OVCT to get their associate degrees. I wasn’t surprised when I hear a big “yes.” When I asked them what advice they would have for someone looking into the Dental Assisting program at OVCT, Renee said, “Just do it!” and Lauren followed up with, “You’ll have no regrets. I am so glad I came here!” I couldn’t agree more! To anybody considering OVCT: You should just go for it. I am sure that after you have finished and have your degree, you won’t have any regrets. You’ll be glad you came.

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Life Improvement Scholarship

High School

On July 5, 1998 Lou Holtz/Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame held their first induction ceremony and Mr. Holtz shared his dream of providing scholarships to high school students enrolled at a trade school. The objective was to help Upper Ohio Valley residents make positive improvements in their lives and the community.

By 2008, the Life Improvement Scholarship expanded to encompass all accredited Upper Ohio Valley high schools, including religious and cyber schools.

Each year, six $5,000 scholarships are awarded to high school seniors enrolled at a trade or community college in the amount of $5,000 per student. Students who meet the requirements are eligible to receive an additional $5,000 in their second year.

Ohio Valley College of Technology has partnered with the Lou Holtz Hall of Fame for many years and, each year, matches the scholarship of one eligible student. Students selected will receive a combined award of $10,000 their first year of school and $10,000 their second year.

Last year, OVCT generously agreed to match all three scholarships for students enrolling in the fall, and this year, OVCT will match two recipients’ scholarships.

Dakota Heaton from Beaver Local High School and Natalie May from Southern Local High School were both selected for the 2017 Life Improvement Scholarship. Ms. Heaton and Ms. May have both been accepted to OVCT’s 24 month nursing program to become Registered Nurses and will graduate in August 2019.

They are both taking the first steps towards their careers and making impactful changes in the community.

Congratulations ladies!

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