10 Things You Didn’t Know About OVCT

By: Scott Rogers, Campus President


1. OVCT was founded in 1886 to meet the growing need for office personnel to support the booming pottery industry in the Tri-State area. Grover Cleveland was President, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York harbor, and the first Tournament of Roses Parade was held in Pasadena, California all in the same year. The school’s original name was Ohio Valley Business College, and it was changed in 2001 to the current name of Ohio Valley College of Technology.


2. OVCT once had successful men’s and women’s basketball teams and a cheerleading squad! Called the Centennials, the men’s team once ranked as the nation’s top NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) Division II team. Their home court was located at the former East Elementary at 500 Maryland Avenue in East Liverpool. During the 1988 season, they posted a season record of 23-2!

3. In 2015, the OVCT School of Nursing was one of only four nursing programs in the state of Ohio to achieve a 100% first-time pass rate on the NCLEX-RN. This outstanding achievement resulted from curriculum focused on educational outcomes necessary for student achievement. (http://www.nursing.ohio.gov/PDFS/Education/NCLEX/2015_NCLEX_PASS_RATES.pdf)


4. All programs at OVCT lead to the ability to sit for one or more nationally-recognized certifications. In addition to the Nationally Registered Certified Dental Assistant certification, Dental Assisting graduates are eligible to test for a state dental radiographer’s license, allowing them to take x-rays from the neck up. Medical Assisting graduates are eligible to take the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Examination. Ask your admissions representative about current certification options in your program.


5. OVCT is one big family! Students, Faculty, and Staff regularly participate in community service activities, including Make-A-Wish, the Humane Society, Boatsie’s Boxes, the Red Cross, and more. We are a founding sponsor of the Dash for Mat’s Bash held annually in Wellsville. In the past year, student-supported activities helped send a four-year old girl to Disney World to meet Queen Elsa and over 350 stockings were delivered to local service members deployed overseas during the holidays.


6. The stream that flows behind campus is a federally-protected wetland. As a tributary of the Little Beaver Creek National Scenic River, the stream flows into one of only three such rivers in Ohio and supports the state’s largest population of endangered Hellbender salamanders.


7. OVCT instructors and staff are engaged leaders in the community. Nursing Sciences instructor Jim Kerr is the founder and curator of the Beaver Creek Wildlife Education Center. Monica Allison, Director of High School Admissions, serves on the Board of Directors of the United Way of Southern Columbiana County, and Angel Brock, Academic Dean, serves on the Board of Directors of the Counseling Center of Columbiana County. Career Management Director, Courtney Martin, is actively engaged in Community Theater, appearing regularly in productions at Crown Theater in Columbiana.


8. The campus provides multiple scholarship and grant programs to help students fund their education. High School graduates who are accepted to the College and start classes are automatically eligible for the Promise Grant, which is valued at $1,000 per semester. OVCT is one of only three schools to provide a 100% matching scholarship to the Lou Holtz Life Improvement Scholarship. The Nurses Touch Lives Grant helps eligible students pursue their dream of becoming a Nurse, and the Academic Success Grant rewards students who are academically successful, professional, punctual, and motivated. (See current Catalog for complete eligibility details.)


9. OVCT day students are scheduled for classes Monday-Thursday, so they always have a three-day weekend! Plus, day students can graduate with an Associate Degree in as little as 16 months. The OVCT School of Nursing offers a night and weekend program allowing students to graduate with an Associate Degree in Nursing in as little as 24 months. In addition, the School of Nursing offers an LPN to RN Bridge program option to licensed LPN’s, allowing them to transition to RN’s in just 16 months.


10. OVCT students come from all walks of life. From traditional students just out of high school, to adult learners, to first-generation college students, to grandchildren of alumni, our diverse student body encourages and supports a team approach to learning. To find out more about getting on track to Great Career and Great Life, contact an OVCT representative at 330-385-1070 or request information today.

OVCT Dental Assisting Graduate Highlight-Emily Clow

practical nursing

From the Fields to the Labs

Strolling through the hills of northwest Appalachia it is hard not to notice all the farm lands. But where are all the farmers? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for farmers is projected to decline in the next ten years.

On August 31, 2015 a young dairy farmer walked through the doors of Ohio Valley College of Technology and started her training to become a Dental Assistant. Emily Clow from Columbiana, OH decided to enroll into a program with a much higher job demand than her agricultural roots. Dental Assistants have a projected job outlook of 18%, which is much higher than the national average.

When asked what advice would you give an upcoming WVJC student? Her advice was, “find out what area you are the most passionate about and excel at it and go for it.” “Make the year about yourself, use the resources available to you and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

In a short sixteen month period, Emily received her Associate’s Degree in Dental Assisting and sat for her NRCDA exam where she passed and is now a Nationally Registered Certified Dental Assistant. As a student she completed an externship at Refresh Dental, where she received a gratitude award; making her the first dental assisting student to do so.

Before graduation, Emily Clow had job offers and accepted a position as a Hygiene Assistant at Refresh Dental and stated “I love my career!” When asked what she enjoyed most, Emily said “I love everything about my new career. However, if I had to choose it would be my coworkers and the patients.” Her next plan for her future is to continue in her career and become a hygientist.

Emily Clow’s greatest accomplishment is graduating from college and receiving her degree and certifications. She completed an externship and received a phenomenal recommendation from the company which launched her into her career.

Emily Clow went from milk parlor and mucking the barn to a Dental Assistant in a high tech dental lab and making bright smiles!

For important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program CLICK HERE

OVCT Student Highlight-Lindsay Michael

dental assisting

Traditional 4-Year College Not For Everyone

Commuting from Hammondsville to Youngstown every day in Ohio weather is not only tedious but can be very dangerous for some. But, Dental Assisting student Lindsay Michael was doing just that, every day for three years before enrolling at Ohio Valley College of Technology.

Having her heart set on working in the dental field was always a dream for her but the competitiveness of the Dental Hygiene program at the 4 year university she was attending was becoming more of a dream than a reality. Working full-time at a local tanning salon called Tan City U.S.A., building a home with her future husband, and trying to keep up with her college work was starting to play its toll.

Although, getting into her dream program was becoming a challenge Lindsay was still getting to experience the “college life” and making friendships that still continue today. “I got a taste of what it was like to live independently and make my own choices” said Lindsay Michael.  But again, her dream was becoming more and more out of reach. She ended up switching her major to Early Childhood Education when she was still unable to get in the Dental program.

“However the heart wants what it wants and I knew I had to follow my dream of pursuing my passion of doing something that involved dental.” And, that is exactly what Lindsay Michael did.

After talking to some friends and hearing great things about Ohio Valley College of Technology, the short commute and the short-term programs had everything Lindsay was looking for. “With the help of all the wonderful instructors and staff at OVCT, I am getting ready to graduate with a degree and have career certifications in something that I have always wanted to do.”

Her favorite part of OVCT is using her compassion in the labs and having the experience in the externships. Lindsay will be externing at a local dentist office, where she will be using her dental assisting skills. When asked who her favorite instructor was she said: “I am caught between a rock and a hard place with this one. Mrs. Stine [Dental Assisting Program Director] has been my backbone through my whole experience here. From believing in me enough to enroll me in the upper level dental courses with no knowledge of anything dental to dealing with my mental breakdowns. She has supported me in everything and has given me a good laugh just when I needed one most.” According to Lindsay, Mrs. Stine is the true definition of an “awesome person and instructor.” Then Lindsay said “On the other hand, there’s Mr. Ream. Although he was never one of my instructors, Mr. Ream has done so much for me, he has checked on me when I was having a horrible day, helped me with my computer and printer issues, and always making me crack up.”

Currently, Lindsay hobbies consist of job searching, job searching, and more job searching. Her plan is to work at a local general dental practice but will be happy with whatever path she ends up going down. Maybe oral surgery, orthodontics, but as long as she is in the field pursuing the career she loves.  In five years, she plans on becoming an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) or a dental hygienist.

The last question we asked Lindsay Michael was to tell us something unique about herself and she stated it was her past experiences. “What you are today is what happened to you yesterday. Everyone has sweet and sour experiences in their past that have molded then into who they are today. Your personality and individuality emerges from what you have gone through and I would not change my past for anything.”

For important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program CLICK HERE

Faculty Highlight – Kara Heffner

kara heffnerKara Heffner is the Adult Admissions Representative at Ohio Valley College of Technology. Her role is to help students enroll for school and ensure their transition is as smooth as possible. Kara always likes to tell her new enrollees “You can come and talk to me anytime and I always have chocolate!”


A little background information about Kara, her previous job of thirteen years was as an Adult Probation Officer, in which she carried a gun and pink handcuffs (no joke). “I had to have pink handcuffs so the local police officers did not mistakenly take them. No officer wants hot pink handcuffs.” She graduated from Kent State University in Legal Assisting and Early Childhood Education.  She is also a Premier Designs Jeweler and helps women accessorize and feel good about themselves!


kara heffner 2Kara choses to work at OVCT because she believes education is extremely important and wants to help others reach their goals and improve their lives.  “My favorite part of working here is the up-beat environment and hearing students say they love it here.”    


Kara is married to a health nut/electrician and has two step children. She loves animals, especially her dogs Jona and Spencer. “I would have more than two if I could.” Kara loves to read-mostly mysteries or crime drama novels and her favorite TV shows are Psych, Big Bang Theory, and The Voice.






Graduate Highlight – Lindsay Flesch

Lindsay FleshI chose Ohio Valley College of Technology because it was close to home and convenient for me. I decided on the Business program because it applies everywhere and I did not want to be limited in my choices for employment. When I attended, I was an older student and I had been out of high school for ten years. My friend Triss and I signed up together and even graduated together.

Currently I am a manager for The North American Dental Group. The advice I would offer to current students and graduates from OVCT are the following: do not be afraid to put yourself out there! Apply for all the positions that interest you even if you do not think you’ve got a shot at it. Worst that can happen is you won’t get the job, but you’ve already not got that job so you’ve got nothing else to lose. Always give a firm handshake at interviews and look the interviewer in the eyes.

I would like to thank Scott Rogers for getting me my very first interview upon graduation. My biggest supporter was Mrs. Rodgers, who still cheers me on to this day when I see her at Walmart.

OVCT Student Highlight – Tiffany Melott

I chose to come to OVCT to get a degree in Dental Assisting. I remember when Mina Paul came to Southern Local to talk about OVCT and that was when I decided OVCT was where I really wanted to be. It took me a year to Tif3realize that I needed to go where I wanted to go and decide on what was right for me; not what other people wanted for me.


I chose Dental Assisting because I love to learn about teeth.  There are so many interesting facts about your teeth and the oral mucosa.


DID YOU KNOW: Your tooth enamel is the hardest part of your entire body? Or that your mouth produces over 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime?—that’s enough to fill two swimming pools. Saliva has many uses, including assisting you with your digestion and protects your teeth from bacteria in your mouth.


My favorite part of attending Ohio Valley College of Technology so far is that we do a lot of fun activities and we get involved with our community.


Tif1There are so many people I would like to thank: My boyfriend Trent he has been by my side and supported me throughout everything. Mrs. Stine for helping me get this far and overcome some of my fears and for always being there for me, Mrs. Brock-Murphy for always willing to listen when I needed to talk, and for helping me get through one of the most devastating things I’ve had to go through. Mrs. Steckman, I want to thank her for always working with me during my time here as the Federal Work Study Student. Mrs. Donna, for always being there for me and always managing to put a smile on my face every single day. I also want to thank Miss Allison, Mrs. Heffner, Miss Cicogna, Mrs. Douglass, Mrs. Stoakes, and Mr. Rogers for always being so kind and helpful with any questions I had while being a work Study Student. Mr. Ream for always being himself and always knowing when to bring laughter to a room. Mrs. Scott for helping me through all my Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology classes. Mrs. Rogers for always talking to me about everything happening in my life.


Miss Kayla Chuck for being such a great person and friend; we had fun times working together in the evenings here at Ohio Valley College of Technology. I want to thank my “Dental Girls” you know who you all are, if it were not for you girls helping me along the way and being there for me I would not know what path I would be going down right now. I would also like to thank everyone I have become friends with along the way that are not in Dental Assisting!