Malissa Cameron – Student Highlight

Malissa Cameron is a Business Administration student. OVCT is her first college experience. She says, “I toured other campuses before OVCT, and none of them felt like they were the right fit for me.” Before attending Ohio Valley College of Technology, Malissa was a high school student who “fell in love with business” during her senior year. She chose OVCT after touring the campus. She says, “I immediately knew OVCT was where I wanted to be. It was close to home and had such a small, friendly, family-like environment that I loved.”

Malissa chose OVCT’s business program for the abundance of opportunities in the business field. She says, “I like the idea of being able to run and operate my own small business or market for a company whose business I fully support.”

The instructors are Malissa’s favorite part of attending OVCT. “They truly care about your education and want you to succeed. They’re always sure to put a smile on  my face each day.” She says that Mr. Ream is her favorite teacher. “Mr. Ream is able to connect with his students with ease, which makes his teaching abilities even better, as you can tell that he takes his job very seriously and genuinely cares about his students.” Mr. Ream’s marketing class is her favorite class. She finds it very interesting to learn about the strategies that go into marketing plans and summaries.

Five years from now, Malissa hopes to find herself “financially stable, healthy, happy, and using my degree in some way.”

“I would definitely refer OVCT to a friend if they are looking for a good education in a family-like environment,” says Malissa. “ I have nothing but love for this school.”

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