Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance.   Title IX prohibits sex-based harassment by peers, employees, or third parties that is sufficiently serious to deny or limit a student’s ability to participate or benefit from the recipient’s education programs and activities (i.e. creates a hostile environment).

Ohio Valley College of Technology Notice of Non-Discrimination

Ohio Valley College of Technology does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its education programs and activities.  Inquiries concerning the application of Title IX may be referred to the institution’s Title IX Coordinator at 15258 St. Rte. 170  East Liverpool, OH 43920 or by calling 330-385-1070.

Rights and Responsibilities

Sexual Harassment, including sexual assault is prohibited by federal and state law and by institutional policy.  Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome gender-based verbal or physical conduct that is so severe, persistent or pervasive that is interferes with the ability to participate in or benefit from educational programs, activities or employment.

Students and employees have a right to participate in all institutional activities in an environment free from sexual harassment.  Students and employees have a responsibility to refrain from engaging in sexual behaviors that are unwelcome or offensive to others.

Ohio Valley College of Technology prohibits sexual harassment or any other sexual misconduct against any member of the campus community.  The results of sexual harassment or misconduct against a member of the community could lead to expulsion or employment termination.

Title IX Coordinator

If you are the victim of any sexual harassment or misconduct or if you have witnessed any misconduct of a sexual nature, report to the Title IX Coordinator.  If the Coordinator is not immediately available, you may report the incident to the Campus President or other administrative personnel.  They will then report the allegation to the Title IX Coordinator.  The Title IX Coordinator at this institution is the Financial Aid Supervisor and can be reached at:

Ohio Valley College of Technology
Attn:  Courtney Martin, Career Management Director
15258 St. Rte. 170
East Liverpool, OH  43920
[email protected]

 Grievance Procedures

Ohio Valley College of Technology provides this grievance procedure to ensure students and employees are treated fairly and receive prompt responses to complaints of sex discrimination.  The Title IX Coordinator is available to assist with this procedure which can be used freely and without fear of retaliation.


The institution encourages informal resolution of complaints when appropriate.  A student should feel free to discuss the complaint directly with the Title IX Coordinator.  This informal resolution may involve interviews with the accused, the accuser, and or witnesses.  The accuser may file a formal complaint at any time during the informal resolution period.

This informal resolution should take place within 10 business days of the alleged discrimination whenever possible.


If informal resolution is not possible or appropriate, submit a written complaint to the Title IX Coordinator.  The complaint should include the name and telephone number of the individual making the report.  It should include a detailed description of the conduct that the individual is reporting to be discriminatory; the name of the person against whom the complaint is made; and the names of any witnesses (if any).  The reporting party should make every effort to submit the written complaint within 15 business days of the alleged conduct.


The institution will make reasonable accommodations (i.e. schedule changes and or chaperones) for both the accused and accuser during the investigation period so each party can continue with his and or her academic studies free of discrimination.


The Title IX Coordinator will investigate the complaint and complete that investigation within 30 days whenever possible.  Depending upon the nature of the allegations, the investigation could include interviews with the reporting party, the accused individual, and or witnesses.    Both the accused and accuser have the right to bear witness to the Title IX Coordinator.  If the allegations have also been reported to the local law enforcement agency, the Title IX Coordinator will make every attempt to gather information from the agency to aid in the institutional investigation but will not wait for any law enforcement investigation before conducting his own.  The Title IX Coordinator will use different standards of investigations than that of law enforcement.  In fact, the Title IX Coordinator may determine discrimination existed even if the police do not have sufficient evidence of a criminal violation.  This is because the Title IX Coordinator applies a preponderance of evidence standard (more likely than not) involving allegations of discrimination.


The Title IX Coordinator will submit his/her investigation findings to the Campus President.  The Campus President will determine if any institutional policy was violated and assess sanctions against the accused when the investigation concludes this to be necessary.  These sanctions could include suspension up to expulsion from school or termination of employment when the accused is a faculty or staff member.  This conclusion will be presented to both the accused and accuser in writing within 10 business days from the conclusion of the investigation.


Both the accused and accuser have the right to appeal the Campus President’s decision.  The Appeal must be in writing and submitted to the Campus President within 10 business days of receipt of the written outcome.  The appeal should include as much detail as possible so the Campus President can weigh a decision.


The Campus President will review the appeal and make a final decision within 10 business days of receipt of the appeal.  This decision will be final and may not be appealed again.


The following may constitute abandonment of a complaint:  1) Failing to respond or take an action within the specified time limit; 2) Failing to appear for a scheduled meeting during an investigation or failure to provide any requested documentation to aid in the investigation; and 3) Otherwise failing to advance the complaint in a timely manner.

No further appeal will be allowed if the complaint if found to be abandoned by any of the reasons above.

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